Product catalogues translation

The scale and complexity of dealing with large, global product catalogues creates a big translation management challenge.


Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, owners of catalogues now have an opportunity to make a step change in how quickly and how cost-effectively they can get their important product information to market.

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75_reduction_time to market

Up to 75% reduction in time to market of new products

50_reduction_per word translation cost

50%+ reduction in per word translation cost


Improved consistency of global content

Our technology can help you save up to 40% costs

Typical product catalogue

  • 50,000 products refreshed at 10% / year
  • 100  words / product
  • 10 target  languages
  • £750,000 / year typical cost of traditional translation with no technology benefit

When working with us, you can achieve £300,000 (40%) potential annual savings by combining Translation Memory, repetition savings and AI-based Machine Translation.

Furthermore, you'll be a lot faster to market - content that is usually rolled out in different geographies in a month can now be rolled in less than a week.


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By combining professional translators with proven Lingo24 technology, we can help you get more global  content to more markets, while achieving significant cost savings - both internally and in any external translation spend.

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