E­-commerce translation

Our efficient and integrated e-commerce translation will support you in getting your product to market quickly, cost- effectively, and to the right level of quality for your product, platform, channel or country.

For more information on our AI-assisted product catalogues translation service, please visit our dedicated web page.

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E-commerce translation specialists

We're committed to taking e-commerce international

reduced time to market

A fast, integrated service for catalogue updates

Connect directly to our translators using plugins and our API for one-click ordering.

A range of pricing to suit your budget

Prices and quality levels to suit the scale of your investment and global ambitions.


Maximise ROI with quality choices

Select the quality of your translations to match your content and improve cost-efficiency.

Your terminology and Translation Memory

Used accurately and consistently to ensure spot-on translations.

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Translate your e-commerce content easily

Updates to your product catalogue are automatically flagged.

Relevant data is sent to us securely with just one click.

We’ll translate according to the service level and specification you choose.

Translated content is returned directly to your e­-commerce platform, where you need it, ready for publishing.

Trusted by global brands

AI-assisted professional translation of product catalogues

The scale and complexity of managing large, global product catalogues creates a big translation management challenge.
Thanks to Artificial Inteligence, owners of catalogues now have an opportunity to make a step change in how quickly and how cost-effectively they can get their important product information to market. 

Find out how combining professional translators with proven Lingo24 technology can allow these businesses to get more global content to more markets, while achieving significant cost savings.


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What our customers say

about translation and localisation services from Lingo24

We organised a true A/B test to allow us to think about our next round of translations for our site. We had one site in English and one site in local language for our visitors, and we compared the results. Luckily, the results were so compelling that it was pretty easy to sign off on the next languages; the translated site did 2.5 times better than the non-translated site. Sports Pursuit
I really appreciated working with Lingo24 on this project. The use of the translation software made it easy to follow any changes made and to ease the coordination between the different parties. Thanks to this, we were able to meet the tight deadline. TGV Lyria

Fast translations for product updates

We’re built to deliver fast translations

Our award-winning systems are built to connect with and translate e-commerce website content efficiently and on-demand. 

  • API integration with major e­-commerce platforms
  • Seamless and secure transfer of data
  • Award­-winning translation management technology
  • Tailored premium machine translation engines
  • Dynamic project architecture including one­click ordering
  • 24 hour service

Magento plugin

Instantly connect to our translators to localise your Magento store as it changes and updates.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud plugin

Plug in to our API with our tailored Salesforce Commerce Cloud extension to instantly access our enterprise-specialist translators.

See other integration options available

Maximise translation ROI

Your terminology used consistently

  • Development of a glossary for your specific terms
  • Accurate and consistent use of your approved terminology  ­
  • Reduced translation costs for repeated and very similar content ­
  • Increased efficiency and faster translation turnaround times
  • Translation Memory and Glossary updated after each project

Match your channels with the right service

  • Expert advice from e-­commerce translation experts
  • Don’t pay more than you have to
  • Track ROI for each channel
  • Keyword and SEO support when you need it
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The simplest way to send us your content, and receive your translated content back, is by integrating your system either using one of our pre-built translation plugins, or via our developer API.   Many systems also offer content export in XML format which can be sent to us, and if you prefer to work more manually we can work with almost any file type.

We currently offer pre-built integrations with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Magento with more platforms coming soon.

First contact us, it maybe that we're already working on an integration with the platform you use.  If not, we offer a developer API which enables any system to automatically link with our platform and we are also very happy to accept almost any file type sent to us using email or FTP.