Low cost translation On-brand translation

Level 3: Professional translation

Recommended for

  • E-commerce: product descriptions in key markets
  • Marketing: press releases, articles, market research
  • Legaltechnical or scientific documentation
  • Technical designs, diagrams and packaging
  • External communications or professional internal comms
  • Business-critical documentation

All language

combinations available

1,500 words

per language per business day

Value price-per-word

Order professional translation

Translation and editing

by experienced, native professionals

Perfect for when accuracy is important, and your content needs to read and flow naturally in a different language. This service will ensure your texts are translated correctly and accurately.

  • An experienced, professional native translator will translate your work
  • A second, similarly qualified translator will review and edit the translation
  • We’ll use your translation memory, terminology assets and reference material as standard
  • We’ll check meaning, consistency, completeness and compliance with country or regional standards (not including legal documents)
  • Editing means your translation flows naturally in the target language

Professional translation: How it works

Send us your content and any supporting reference material, including translation memory assets and glossaries.

Give us a full brief of the nature of your work, translator expertise required and turnaround time.

We'll find the most appropriate translators for the work and send you a quote for the project. We won't start translating until we receive approval from you.

Your content will be translated by the professional translator, and then reviewed by the editor. The initial translator will once again review the edited translation, taking into account comments and changes from the editor.

The QA checks you request will be applied and then we'll send translation to you for feedback.

We'll incorporate your feedback and any translation edits to deliver a final translation in the same format you sent it to us in.


Lingo24's account management and backup teams are very friendly, efficient and honest. There is always very clear and upfront communication regarding the availability of languages, costs and the time required for each project. Our clients have verified their translations to be of good quality and their services are fairly priced for this level. I highly recommend Lingo24! Survey Analytics India
Lingo24 have reduced the turnaround time for translations for our clients from 5 days to 3 days, which allows me to meet or exceed our clients expectations. Global Eagle Entertainment
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