Low cost translation

Level 1: Machine translation

Recommended for

  • Marketing and market research: User-generated content, survey responses

  • Enterprise businesses: internal comms, “gisting” for non-critical documents

  • E-commerce: new market testing, online help and product support

All language

combinations available

24hr turnaround

for typical jobs

Value price-per-word

Order machine translation

Fast, low cost translations

Machine Translation (MT) is an ultra low cost, real-time translation tool. And we think it beats Google Translate for quality, confidentiality, regular updates or large volumes of content, and when the business case doesn’t justify using a professional translator. 

Our engines:

  • are secure and confidential

  • provide better quality than free online engines

  • can learn and be trained based on feedback

  • are sector specific

Connect to our API for seamless content transfer, or send content to us directly with your desired language combinations.

We’ll provide you an ultra-low cost quote for you to approve.

Our Premium Machine Translation engines will translate your content, using any language assets (like Translation Memories) that you’ve provided.

Your content is returned, ready to use.


Based on SILOKING’s experience in working with Lingo24 I can say that I very much appreciate the quick order processing and the prompt and flawless deliveries. The collaboration between SILOKING and Lingo24 has always been impeccable. Mayer Maschinenbaugesellschaft mbH
I really appreciated working with Lingo24 on this project. The use of the translation software made it easy to follow any changes made and to ease the coordination between the different parties. Thanks to this, we were able to meet the tight deadline. TGV Lyria

Yes, we can work with CSV, JSON and HTML files. See the full list of supported file types here

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