Salesforce Commerce Cloud translation

Seamlessly integrate your Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform with our translation management for fast, secure and efficient online translations.


Free use of our award-winning tools and certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge when you translate your content with us.

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Simple translation of your Salesforce Commerce Cloud content


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easy to use

Easy to use

Manage product catalogue updates and other foreign language content with minimal effort.

no setup costs

No set-up or technical costs

Get direct access to our plug-in to begin translating straight away, only paying for what you translate.

reduced time to market

Reduced time to market

Automation of data transfer allows content to be sent back and forth almost instantly.

generate intl sales

Generate more international sales

With a smooth localisation process, convert more sales from your foreign language stores.

No-fuss Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration

with one-click translation ordering

Simple setup with our easy-to-use Salesforce Commerce Cloud extension. For peace of mind, we're always here if you need help.

We’ll support you in identifying the perfect balance of content volume and quality of translation to give the best return on your investment.

Select the service level and turnaround times you require for your translations, and monitor all your projects directly in Salesforce Commerce Cloud. You're able to vary your translation choices to maximise return on investment for each of your channels.

E-commerce is a data driven business and translation should be no different: we’ll support you in measuring the return on investment to support your business' international growth.

Trusted by global clients

Seamless ordering

When new content (for example, updates to your catalogue) is flagged, you can select and manage content you want translated. Vary your approach for each of your international sites, or keep it simple with one rule across them all, including:


  • Attributes
  • Blocks
  • Pages
  • Products





Visible translation workflow

You can see exactly what still needs to be translated, what has already been translated, and approve the relevant costs and timings before we start work on your translations.



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"For those looking to grow their digital commerce business, opening up a new geography should sit atop that list. New geographies offer a potential that soars well above the return of smaller initiatives. The technical barriers have been vastly reduced, pushing brands to connect with their current and prospective customers in geographies in which they are unfamiliar."

- Rick Kenney, Director, Strategic Initiatives at Demandware



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