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Translation Services

We’ll work with you to produce consistent, reliable translations which match your style, tone and terminology

Why choose Lingo24?

Dedicated team built around you

As well as a dedicated contact here at Lingo24, we’ll also build a team of experienced translators for you, ensuring consistency project after project.

Terminology - build a global glossary for your business

Our award-winning TermFinder tool can help build your personalised terminology to improve language quality.

Feedback with our web-based in-market review

Our web-based tool helps to simplify review by your global colleagues.

Off to a flying start

Full on-boarding programme, so we’re set up to deliver from the first project.

Savings which grow over time

Translation memory discounts and, for the right content, the chance to save with customised Machine Translation.

Long term partnership

Last, but definitely not least, is our partnership approach to everything we do. We are here to help you succeed on a global scale with more than just translation services.

Choose the service level that's right for you

We’ve drawn from our nearly 20 years of experience to create five service levels to meet your requirements.

Post-edited Machine Translation
Lower costProduct descriptions, user reviews, travel listings
  • Post-edited MT
  • No Checking and editing
  • Custom engines
  • High throughput
First Draft Translation
Lower costInternal documents where speed and cost trump accuracy
  • Professional translator
  • No Checking and editing
  • Reduced accuracy
Most creativeLocalised creative copy that performs in each market
  • Professional transcreator
  • Checking and editing
  • Creative writing expertise
  • True localization

Other services

Checking & Editing

A professional service that ensures your translations of important documents or business communications read exactly as intended in the relevant target language.

Monolingual Proofreading

Our professional, native-speaking linguists will proofread your translations and make any necessary edits, so you can be sure your communications are effective in any language.

Desktop Publishing

Our highly experienced Desktop Publishing (DTP) artists will ensure your translations are laid out and formatted correctly, so they are read just as you intended.

Ease - managing translations the easy way

Ease is an online ordering tool that makes it quick and easy to order translations, track projects and access reports, 24 hours a day.

  • User-friendly interface and simple three-step ordering system
  • Access to all completed projects
  • Team customisation
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Thank you for your effort and support. We had a really aggressive deadline and you delivered.

Ruth Coates testimonial

We are very impressed with the quality of the translations and very positive about the style.

Elizabeth Veilhan testimonial