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Machine Translation

Our in-house research team apply the latest AI techniques including machine translation and learning to have the biggest impact for your content

Benefits of Machine Translation

Best suited to descriptive content, including product descriptions, technical manuals, customer support material, market research responses and user-generated content.

Customised MT engines

Personalised machine translation engines built for you from your existing multi-language content

Professional post-editing options

Combining MT with a professional review helps optimise engines and gives confidence in published content

Translate more content

Unlock long-tail and ephemeral content through lower cost and higher throughput

Accelerated turnaround times

Get results faster by having your content with customers as fast as possible

Real-time learning

Adaptive MT is constantly learning and improving based on feedback

Constantly improving capabilities

With advances such as adaptive and neural solutions now being used live, we’re always working on the next advances to improve results

Using Machine Translation to accelerate translation of product catalogues

Our award-winning systems are built to connect with and translate e-commerce website content efficiently and on demand. Combining professional translators with Machine Translation can allow these businesses to get more global content to more markets, while achieving significant cost savings – both internally and in any external translation spend.

Up to 75% reduction in time to market of new products

50%+ reduction in per word translation cost

Improved consistency of global content

Success stories

Leading global electronics distributor

  • Leading distributor of electronics and electronic components
  • First to market globally with new products
  • More than 20 million SKUs
  • Catalogue in 15 languages

Challenge and opportunity

  • Sought to replicate US success in foreign markets, but limited by 4 week lag between US and international launch losing first-to-market opportunity
  • Needed a solution for high volume, high quality, with limited budget
  • Getting to market quicker means growth, it could mean 25% = $250m


  • In 18 months, time to launch new products globally has halved from 4 weeks to 2 weeks – this year we’ll work with them to hit 1 week, a reduction of 75%.
  • Cost per translated word has reduced by over 60%

International specialist in plastic, fibre, foam and packaging products

  • Global presence: 33 countries
  • More than 150,000 SKUs
  • Acquiring new businesses globally

Challenge and opportunity

  • Moving large volumes of content was taking too long
  • The lack of context hit quality as translators weren’t able to differentiate between products
  • Different countries required different content beyond just local language
  • The same text had to be used by multiple systems with varying standards


  • Up to 50% per-word cost reduction combining Translation Memory with AI-based Machine Translation
  • Increased quality as a result of efficiently using product context information (a feature in Lingo24’s Technology Platform)
  • Accelerated speed to market by removing non-translatable content

Visit our Developer Portal and learn more about our API for both Professional and Machine Translation.

Post-editing options

Combine machine translation with human post-editing for a higher quality result

Light post editing (PEMT)

Improvement of MT output by an approved native speaker to ensure all words are translated correctly, but without improving the syntax or writing style. Great for simple manuals and reference material.

Fluency: Good
Faithfulness to source: Mostly
Quality: Comprehensible and accurate, but not stylistically compelling. Edit offensive and culturally unacceptable content

Full post editing (PEMT)

Improvement of MT output by an approved native professional translator with an appropriate match of subject matter experience. The translation will be fit for purpose on a terminological, stylistic and grammatical level. Great for detailed manuals or popular web pages. Full PEMT can be comparable to professional translation.

Fluency: Flawless
Faithfulness to source: Everything
Quality: Comprehensible, accurate and stylistically correct.