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Localisation Consultancy

If localisation is central to your international strategy, associated processes need to be slick, cost-effective, and produce results for growth. This is where we come in.

Bespoke solutions

Often clients have unique challenges specific to their organisation or content that off-the-shelf solutions cannot meet. We help customers tackle these problems by building bespoke solutions.

Localisation strategy

Our structured Localisation Strategy (LocStrat) Assessment help you build an improvement plan for scaling localisation based on industry good practice.


Technical consulting

Localisation and technology go hand-in-hand in global business. We help customers ensure they have the right processes and technology assets to support their localisation needs.


Plan. Review. Assess. Deliver.

Our structured Localisation Strategy (LocStrat) Assessment allows you to review your company-wide needs and processes in relation to localisation and frame improvement plans against industry good practice via our Localisation Maturity Model (LMM).

Experience tells us that businesses with solid localisation processes grow faster, use less internal resource and have a cost-effective and rational supplier base.

If that’s what you want to achieve, a LocStrat Assessment is a great first step to help you develop an efficient and proactive localisation strategy that fits your business.

Have a specific challenge that's stopping you scaling translations? Give us a call and we can kick-start your localisation strategy.

An Introduction to LocStrat

The first step in building a strong localisation strategy is a thorough assessment of objectives, processes, resources and target markets. That is why we’ve created LocStrat as the first stage of any consultation partnership we engage in.

Technical consulting

We help customers ensure they have the right processes and technology assets to support their localisation needs. All of our team have hybrid IT and localisation backgrounds, allowing us to provide relevant technology advice to our customers, including:

  • Localisation Architecture – to ensure you have the right tools, processes and systems to meet your localisation goals.
  • Solution Sourcing and Selection – of language-aware solutions including PIM, CMS and EDRMS systems.
  • Internationalisation Readiness – to ensure applications, processes and content stores are localisation ready.
  • Language Asset Assessment – to help build, optimise or improve language assets based on existing content.

Bespoke solutions

We help customers tackle specific content challenges by building bespoke solutions, including:

  • Content Transformations – using advanced techniques to transform mono-lingual or bi-lingual content into useable assets for translation.
  • Custom File Filters – building bespoke filters to handle unique file formats, or enhancing the capabilities of existing filters to meet specific requirements.
  • Process Automation – to handle the adaptation, transfer or management of localisation processes, content or associated tasks.

If you’ve got a unique requirement, talk to our consulting team.

Open source

We’ve built our platform and services around best-of-breed open source technology components from organisations such as the Apache Software Foundation and the Okapi Framework. We like to give back, and our team are active contributors in the community.