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Integrate your content directly with Lingo24’s translation platform

Automate the transfer of content between your content platforms and Lingo24

Simplify your business translations

One of the challenges when translating into multiple languages is the process of taking the content from its author to local in-country translators and on to your audience, at the right quality, as quickly as possible.

If you’re doing this manually, it can result in the source content being signed off weeks or, in some cases, months before the final translation reaches your customers. This often limits the amount of content you can share and, crucially, can be a bottleneck in your international growth.

By integrating with Lingo24 you can automate the sending of your source content and get the translated versions imported directly into your back-end system, in the correct format, without a single copy-paste; turning a bottleneck into a competitive advantage.

Roll out new content up to 40% faster

Remove localisation bottlenecks and increase productivity

Eliminate errors caused by manual copying and pasting

Send content for translation with just a couple of clicks and re-import automatically into your platform

How does it work?

1. Installation

Depending on your platform there is either an extension within your system, or just basic configuration on our platform. Either way we’ll walk you through the process and be there to
support wherever we can.

2. Content types

You can easily select almost any viewable content within your platform including web pages, email templates, blog posts, product descriptions, page widgets, landing pages, menus and user generated comments.

3. Sending content for translation

Without any copying and pasting, just select the content, define the languages and quality levels, approve the quote and that’s it. Within seconds your content will be on its way to native-speaking translators around the world.

4. Publishing the results

Once you’ve approved the translated content, it will be automatically imported back into the original system. We’ll make sure any logic within the assets is updated and you’re now ready to publish the content to your global audience.

Connectors available

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Magento
  • Agility Multichannel
  • Bolt Learning
  • WordPress (via WPML)
  • Safety Culture
  • Drupal
  • And any platform via our API

One of the reasons for selecting Lingo24 is the investment they've put into their Magento technology. Having this platform as integration that can very quickly transfer and export out content from our Magento websites, get them translated and then import them back in, has made what could be considered a very timely and complex solution very quick and very simple.

Matt Parkinson
Gene Commerce

Visit our Developer Portal and learn more about our API for both Professional and Machine Translation.

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