Localisation and internationalisation

Organisations with an ambitious international strategy should be thinking seriously about effective localisation, rather than simply translating content.


Our range of localisation services will optimise your language management processes, improve engagement in your overseas markets and significantly save your internal resource.

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Benefits beyond words

Develop a world-leading internationalisation strategy beyond translation

optimised processes global

Optimised processes for going global

We'll advise you on how to make your journey more efficient to minimise costs and effort.

increased cultural sensitivity

Increased cultural sensitivity

Our hand-picked professional translators will ensure your materials speak to your target market - improving your conversions.

consistent and accurate approach

Consistent and accurate approach to market

Our slick processes will ensure all your customer-facing materials for international markets are correct and consistent.

advice on localisation

Measure ROI on language assets

We'll turn your language into a commercial asset and help you measure the return.

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Services to effectively localise your business


I had Lingo24 recently translate a case study to two different languages. I was so impressed by the actual translation and communication with my rep, that I am very much looking forward to having them translate our new website - translating about 50 pages to 3 different languages! This is a very big job, but I feel very confident that they will do a great job. MeetingOne
The Systagenix Global Marketing team has been working with Lingo24 for a few years now, and we have been very pleased with the business relationship. They deliver high quality translations for us at a competitive price, always timely and with a smile. As a result of the feedback we have received on their work for marketing, other departments have now also started using their services. Systagenix

Localisation is the process of adapting a brand's communications to foreign markets. As well as translation, this may include taking a more creative approach to messaging to make it relevant to specific countries and regions, brand name checking, localising search engine keywords and much more.

Localisation can also occur within a single language: i.e. from British English to American English. For this we will adapt the text so that it follows the locale's spelling and semantic rules, and any relevant cultural references.

Localisation Maturity is a scale that shows how well prepared a business is for operating internationally, with a specific focus on language management. The model was initially developed by Common Sense Advisory to help businesses measure, benchmark and improve their localisation efficiency. The scale consists of the five stages which describe a business's approach to language buying: Reactive, Repeatable, Managed, Optimised and Transparent.