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Translation Memory is a repository or a database that contains previously translated content stored on a sentence-by-sentence basis.

Why is Translation Memory useful?

When you want to translate new content, we can match it against this Translation Memory and any sentence that you have translated before that only needs to be checked for context doesn’t need to be translated from scratch again.

Something else that we can do is to find similar segments or sentences that you have translated before, and we can give that to the translators so that, again, they don’t have to work from scratch.

They can use translations of a similar sentence to start with the current translation. This will obviously help to make the translators more productive and reduce delivery times but, almost as importantly, it also helps to maintain consistency across a project that could last for years and involve many different people.

By updating your Translation Memory after every project and capturing preferential translation units from your reviewers we can help you achieve consistency and accuracy for your preferred translations.

To find out more on how Translation Memory can help you reduce translation costs and gain in the readability of your translated files, please get in touch with us.

Sergio is a language technology specialist who joined Lingo24 in 2013 and now leads our Machine Translation Team.