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We’ve built our business to be scalable, with optimised processes and cutting-edge technology to deliver translation projects of any size and level of complexity, for customers at any stage in their growth strategy element

Six ways we're scalable

Automation and integration

Our technology platforms increase efficiency with automation opportunities for much of the translation process. Direct integration allows for optimal human intervention, saving unnecessary manual handling of files and associated costs.

Global operational model

With over 220 full-time staff in hubs covering every time zone, we keep projects on track 24 hours per day. Our processes enable efficient handovers and management whenever you need it.

In-house machine translation facility

We develop our own machine translation engines that help to significantly increase the productivity of our translators and internal teams. These highly effective engines mean more scalable and flexible services for you..

Depth of translator network

We work with thousands of freelance professional translators, covering over 600 language combinations between them. And because of our stringent testing and recruitment processes for translators, we’re confident in the abilities of every single one.

Solidity you can trust

We are big enough and technologically advanced enough to take on longer and larger projects that smaller firms would struggle to deliver to the required standard and speed.

Trusted by translators

Our translators love working for us, so we know we can rely on them when we need to. We have an average rating 4.97 (out of 5) on, and a score for “Translator likelihood of working with us again” of 4.9 (out of 5) on

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