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Lingo24’s technology is developed in-house with the sole aim of simplifying the translation process. In the video below, our Strategic Growth Director, Neil Campbell, explains why you should use our online ordering platform, Ease.


There are three main reasons for choosing Ease:

  • Speed: Ease is the quickest way to get your quotes back and your translation started by our in-country team.
  • Information sharing: Everyone in your organisation will have visibility of the quotes – you can have a sign-off process with different people signing off quotes coming through. Ease gives a full workflow setup.
  • It’s personalised: We will quote based on your Translation Memory. We’ll quote based on making sure all your your language assets are used. And it will all be backed up by the Lingo24 team you might have been working with for years.

With our bespoke translation project ordering and management system, your life can get a whole lot Ease-ier.
To find out more about Ease, visit our website or get in touch with us – we can help you set up an account in just a few clicks.

As a Growth Director, Neil focuses on building a data-driven sales and marketing team, helping companies enter and thrive in global markets, and developing a fun, customer-focused company culture for Lingo-ists across our international hubs.