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Ensuring a pool of fit for service language professionals, with extensive subject matter expertise as well as experience in the relevant industry and in translating similar content, allows for timely and high quality projects and is key to the success of any project.

Identifying fit for service linguists

The recruitment criteria we have in place are meant to make sure we have the best linguists onboard. All our linguists:
• Are mother tongue professionals
• Have subject matter expertise or extensive experience in the relevant field/industry
• Have work experience of minimum 3 years as a translator
• Undergo a thorough testing phase where they are tested and approved by an experienced linguist in the relevant subject matter.

Our process ensures the onboarding of new linguists to an account is done in a controlled environment by:
• Assigning linguists whose profiles, relevant subject matter expertise and experience meet the project’s scope
• Educating our linguists on client expectations by email and conference calls, and by sharing with them our onboarding training pack
• Gradually onboarding them on new projects under the direct supervision of an experienced team member.

Ongoing monitoring of linguists’ performance

Linguists’ performance is monitored closely and constantly by our Linguist Management team through a range of quality assurance steps, to ensure their delivery is always up to our quality standard:
• Assessment of dedicated proofreader’s feedback and quality rating of the work delivered through a Quality Assessment Brief (the quality rating is automatically stored in our system for full transparency and future reference)
• Language checks done by the dedicated team to assess the type and amount of changes made during the proofreading stage through the various Quality Assurance reports
• Spot checks to review the Quality Assurance reports that detail the type and amount of QA warnings generated during the translation stage
• Client feedback.

By combining this feedback with rigorous internal assessments of project performance and linguistic quality, we ensure that we only ever have the best suited translators working on each project. We assign dedicated translation teams to our customers, ensuring consistency across all their projects.

Dana Stoica, Head of Vendor Management, Lingo24

Dana Stoica, Head of Vendor Management, Lingo24

Dana Stoica is Lingo24's Head of Vendor Management. She has a degree in English and Spanish from the West University in Timisoara and she enjoys writing about languages, translation and customer service.