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If you’re looking for

  • fast and accurate translations,
  • cost savings and process efficiencies,
  • the ability to monitor your projects in real time,
  • smart technology that remembers all your translation preferences,

then Coach is for you.

Coach is our clever little Computer Aided Translation tool that can deliver all this and more.

In fact, Coach is so good that it was awarded the Excellence Award for innovative technology at the TAUS (Translation Automation User Society) User Conference in Seattle, one of the most prestigious awards in the industry.

How it works

We use Coach to automate many previously time-consuming parts of the translation process to deliver faster, more accurate, more budget friendly translations than ever before.

It is hosted in a secure, cloud-based environment, and lets our linguist teams work on your projects, seamlessly, around the clock.

We train Coach to remember your preferred style, specialist terminology, audiences and other specific guidelines.

And, it enables us to make sure all your translations are delivered on budget, on time, at a quality you can depend on.

Key points

  • all language combinations
  • available 24 hours a day
  • supports a wide range of file formats
  • personalised Quality Assurance checks available for 100% accuracy

Customised filtering and processing

With Coach quick and risk-free translation are at your fingertips. If for example, you have content that doesn’t need to be translated, we train Coach to remember the specific words or phrases so that they are never changed. And, we can update these as we go along too.

1.     Quality you control x2

 Customisable service levels to fit your needs and budget

Depending on the results you need, Coach can be customised to have as many or as few review steps as your project needs.

So, whether it be

  • speed,
  • accuracy,
  • tight budget,
  • or all of the above,

we train Coach to remember you and your preferences so your translations are just right every time.

2.    Personalised Quality Assurance checks

To deliver speed and 100% accuracy, we train Coach to remember your specific terminology and requirements and, then put rules in place for human translators and reviewers to follow.

These rules can be mandatory or just for information, and sometimes you may want the flexibility to flip between the two. Coach can remember both so that our professional linguists or your internal reviewers consistently get the translation correct.

Here are some of the most important Quality Assurance measures:

  • Sophisticated terminology and Translation Memory checks ensure consistency and adherence to your terminology guidelines.
  • Live spell checking automatically flags up spelling mistakes. Custom terms can be ignored once or excluded for the entire task.
  • Punctuation checks flag up problems with spaces, punctuation, capitalisation, types of brackets and number of brackets.
  • Numerical values are checked to ensure that numbers are kept consistent throughout all translated documents.
  • Language-specific QA checks (punctuation, quotation marks, number formatting, etc.)
  • Formatting checks flag up formatting-tag mismatches.
  • Completeness checks force translators to review all segments prior to finishing a task.
  • Number protection can be enabled to ensure that numbers are not touched and changed upon translation.
  • Character count support for projects with character limitation.

Process efficiencies and reduced turnaround times

Coach makes it easy for linguists to deliver translations faster than ever before. Here’s how:

  • Customisable interfaces for different tasks (terminology validation, translation, comparative or monolingual post-edited machine translation (PEMT), review, or final approval)
  • Blocking of non-translatable words or phrases, in-context exact matches and/or 100% matches
  • Use of unapproved translation memory across multiple projects [optional]
  • Full integration of customised Machine Translation for use when required
  • Integrated terminology extraction tools so that personalised terminology databases can be created for each client, project or file
  • Complex filtering of relevant content to allow translators to quickly sort the translatable content based on various criteria (repetitions, non-translatables, no matches, Quality Assurance warnings etc.
  • Live dictionaries to check spelling or synonyms, which are just a click away (Dictionaries are also user-based, allowing translators to work more efficiently, for example by increasing the client-specific)
  • Controlled propagation of translation across repeated segments
  • Alphabetical segment sorting
  • Tracked changes to speed up the approval stage (translators review the changes made at other stages, and quickly approve or reject them)

Productivity and performance boosts you can see

Coach uses data previously collected to monitor and improve processes as they happen.

Project-specific statistics

Each task is monitored in real time, and compared against expectations. If abnormalities are flagged up, we can take immediate measures to resolve them. If a linguist or reviewer is assigned multiple tasks, these are automatically prioritised in their interface based on an advanced algorithm, taking into account the type of task, volume and deadline.

Coach measures the quality of machine translation, and degree of post-editing required, using typical industry metrics. Additionally it collects important data such as overall time spent per task, as well as actual editing time and edit distance. This is then used to optimise performance and output with quality in mind.

Global statistics

Coach monitor the linguists overall performance to support our refined supplier selection process. This helps ensure we choose the right supplier(s) for each project, depending on subject matter expertise, skills, experience in handling different types of tasks, quality grade, and price.

Feedback and revision implementation has never been so easy!

By logging into Coach you can synchronous work in an easy-to use interface, and benefit from real-time TM updates, term additions, productivity boosters and the opportunity to share and store feedback via the comments section.

Reusable Language Assets

Coach centralises all your translations into one place and automatically starts building up your personalised language assets (Translation Memory, Terminology Databases and customised Machine Translation engines) to use every time you ask it to deliver a new translation project.

Effective use of these tools optimises your language management processes for:


You can compile your key terms in a TermBank or translation glossary to ensure your company-specific terminology is used accurately and correctly.

Where no glossary is available, Lingo24 can create one, by extracting term pairs from the TMs for your approval.

Via a specialised workflow in Coach, a terminologist can review exported term pairs and approve or reject them based on context and TM usage.

This automatically leads to the creation of a new customer- specific TermBank.

TM management

A translation memory is a database for storing segments of text that have previously been translated. We can either import your own or create a new one as we go.
We can help you to create an optimised and tailored translation memory
strategy and improve overall translation productivity.

Machine Translation

We can also help you to create a customised Machine Translation strategy to reduce costs and turnaround time.

Laura Bota is Product Owner and Head of Special Project at Lingo24. She holds a degree in French and English Translation Studies. After joining the company as a project manager in 2005, she has carried out multiple roles and co-ordinated global projects. Her main responsibility now is managing the development and implementation of Coach, Lingo24's translation technology platform.