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ISO 9001:2015 is the international standard that sets the general guidelines for the Quality Management System. There are over one million companies and organisations in over 170 countries certified to ISO 9001.

Lingo24 has been adhering to this international standard since May 2011. Determining what the customer requirements are, and meeting these requirements in order to achieve customer satisfaction, is one of the main focuses of the ISO 9001:2015 standard. The certification guarantees that products and services delivered will be at consistent quality levels, through:

  • document control, via standardised procedures, work instructions and other types of documentation, which ensure processes are clearly described and followed by all employees;
  • constant monitoring of all processes by Quality Representatives, Project Management Team Leaders, Quality and Experience department, Senior Management;
  • constant monitoring and management of risks and opportunities;
  • standardised quality investigation processes;
  • nonconformities as source of process optimisation;
  • internal and external audits, carried out in all company hubs.

We only employ fully-qualified, experienced translators, who have internationally recognised translator qualifications. They all go through a rigorous testing process, as well as ongoing assessments and grading of completed tasks. For most of our service levels, each translation is checked and edited by proofreaders with equivalent qualifications to that of the original translators. Translators are selected to work on the different projects based on their expertise in particular subject areas and industries. Our Project Managers have specific tools in place which allow them to select the most appropriately qualified translators and, in time, form dedicated teams of linguists. The benefits are that dedicated teams ensure consistency across different projects, get used to the required terminology, style and tone of voice, and are aware of specific instructions and requirements.

Our dedicated Quality and Experience team takes a proactive approach to ensure high standards are met, and to improving the quality of our services on a continuous basis. This includes:

  • identifying potential or confirmed quality concerns at the earliest possible stage and investigating them;
  • proposing and ensuring preventative and corrective actions are being dealt with in due time for each identified quality issue;
  • putting together quality assurance plans and strategies, based on internal and external audits and evaluations of accounts;
  • liaising with other departments to ensure cross-company efficiency and standards are met;
    managing internal nonconformities until final completion;
  • periodically reviewing the Quality Management System and ensuring its constant improvement, maintenance and implementation company-wide.

Lingo24 will conduct internal audits at scheduled intervals to determine whether the quality management system conforms to the planned arrangements, the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard and the company’s requirements, and whether it is effectively implemented and maintained. The auditors check projects and workflows for all departments in the company, and any identified nonconformities are investigated and corrected.