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AI-assisted translation for product catalogues

Get to market faster while saving money and improving consistency

For organisations that manage large global product catalogues time to market is critical. But taking huge volumes of fast-changing specialised product content into other languages and markets can be challenging.

At Lingo24 we combine professional translators with technology to simplify highly repeatable content in product catalogues for translation.

The result: you get to market faster while saving money and improving consistency.

Up to 75% reduction in time to market of new products

50% reduction in per word translation cost

Improved consistency of global content

How the savings can stack up over time

product catalogues 3
  • 50,000 products refreshed at 10% per year
  • 100 words / product; 10 target languages
  • £750,000/year – Typical cost of traditional translation with no technology benefit
  • 40-45% savings by combining Translation Memory, repetition savings and AI-based Machine Translation
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Success stories

Leading online global distributor of electronic components

  • Leading distributor of electronics and electronic components
  • First to market globally with new products
  • More than 20 million SKUs
  • Catalogue in 15 languages

Challenge and opportunity

  • Sought to replicate US success in foreign markets, but limited by 4 week lag between US and international launch losing first-to-market opportunity
  • Needed a solution for high volume, high quality, with limited budget
  • Getting to market quicker means growth, it could mean 25% = $250m


  • In 18 months, time to launch new products globally has halved from 4 weeks to 2 weeks – and recently we worked with them to hit 1 week, a reduction of 75%
  • Cost per translated word has reduced by over 60%

International specialist in plastic, fibre, foam and packaging products

  • Global presence: 33 countries
  • More than 150,000 SKUs
  • Acquiring new businesses globally

Challenge and opportunity

  • Moving large volumes of content was taking too long
  • The lack of context hit quality as translators weren’t able to differentiate between products
  • Different countries required different content beyond just local language
  • The same text had to be used by multiple systems with varying standards


  • Up to 50% per-word cost reduction combining Translation Memory with AI- based Machine Translation
  • Increased quality as a result of efficiently using product context information (a feature in Coach)
  • Accelerated speed to market by removing non-translatable content

How we work with product content

The descriptive nature of product catalogue content makes it ideally suited to combine:

  • Industry leading data management and file filtering techniques
  • Use of AI (Machine Translation) to increase productivity
  • Professional, in-country translators
product catalogues

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