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Government translation

We’ve translated 3 million words since 2006 for 50 different public sector and government agencies.

We’ve translated everything from project reports, brochures, internal and external communications, website translations, application forms, educational manuals and research documents.
We have 900 translators who specialise in translation services for government agencies and the public sector across all language combinations.

Case studies

UK government supervisory body

Lingo24 has translated 42,000 words for this UK government supervisory body since July 2006, predominantly from English into Welsh, but also from English into Bengali, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Gujarati, Punjabi, Polish, Urdu, Somali, Hindi, Greek and German.

Government translation projects have included medical brochures, client communications, website translations, educational manuals and application forms.

UK government organisation

Lingo24 has translated over 310,000 words since 2004 for this racism-combating UK government organisation, translating from English into Polish, Russian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Portuguese, Chinese, Slovak, Thai, Czech, Bengali, Spanish, Arabic, French, German, Nepali, Ukrainian and Urdu.

Projects have included website translations and marketing and research documents.