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Translation for NGOs

We’ve translated over 3 million words for 50 different charities and not for profit organisations since 2006. Let us help you communicate your message to the world too.

Experience translating NGO documents

We’ve translated everything from creative marketing collateral, newsletters and press releases to operational guidelines and financial and operational reports and more.

Public sector translation specialists

We have 144 translators who specialise in public sector and non-profit organisation (NGO) translation services across all language combinations.

Case studies

International children’s charity

We’ve translated 125,000 words for this international children’s charity since August 2006, from English into Latin American Spanish, French, Norwegian, Danish, Spanish, Korean, Finnish, Dutch, Lithuanian, German, Romanian, Icelandic, Swedish, Italian and Japanese.

Projects included promotional campaign translations, meeting minutes, official communications and newsletters.

The charity said: ‘For the launch of our first global campaign, we needed text for our online supporter signup translated into nearly twenty languages. Lingo24 made our lives easy, providing a very swift and efficient service, asking the right questions when needed and working hard to satisfy our demands. The result was a successful launch – and the means to reach out to the public around the world, involving them in making a change for millions of children affected by armed conflict.’

United Nations charity

We’ve translated 220,000 words for this United Nations charity since May 2007, from English into French, Spanish, Arabic, Norwegian, Finnish, Korean, Chinese, Greek and Japanese.

Projects have included press releases, operational guidelines, creative marketing collateral and meeting minutes.