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Supporting the global expansion of Fintech

We know the importance of moving fast and making sure your customers have a seamless user experience in every language

Fintech has made customer interactions with services such as banking, insurance, investing, card payments and FX easier, quicker and real time – something that was unimaginable even five years ago.

Fintech organisations have put the customer at the heart of everything they do. Our job is to make language work in whichever region they support.

“As a global Fintech company, we want to reach our customers in their own language with the right message. We needed a partner to help us communicate at global scale effectively but without altering our brand voice. Lingo24 has proven to be a good partner in globalising our message.”

Diana Tufan – Localisation Manager Tradeshift

Why Lingo24?

Consistent quality

By using a dedicated team of in-country translators with industry expertise and supporting them with award-winning technology, we ensure your global brand voice is consistent.

Speed and agility

Working fast to make sure our customers’ content stays relevant, and build teams to support working with a daily global release of strings for apps.

Online in-market review

Feedback from your in-market teams ensures we use the right style and tone for your market. Our in-market review platform simplifies and accelerates this process.

Content selection and optimisation

Working with you to select the right content for your e-commerce translation, ensuring costs are minimised without compromising the customer experience.

Bespoke integration and optimised workflows

Supporting many of the most popular content repositories and can optimise workflows to minimise manual touch points ie string repositories, CMS, automated marketing tools.

Potential for Neural Machine Translation

Using NMT to enhance the translation workflow and boost the productivity of human translators, to translate more in the same time, at lower cost and to the same quality.

Our experience

  • We help some of the fastest growing global Fintech companies with fast, effective, scalable translations and remove the pain associated with trying to manage multiple language versions.
  • Our technology and expertise developed in conjunction with global brands on how to work in multiple languages at scale.
  • Apps localisation is a core competency for us and we are experienced in refining these workflows for speed, consistency and context.
  • We also bring much wider experience across many industries such as e-commerce, retail, marketing and branding, HR and internal communications, manufacturing, logistics and travel and tourism.