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Reliably delivering translation and localisation at scale

TomTom is a global leader in navigation, traffic and map products, GPS Sport Watches and fleet management solutions.

They design and develop innovative products that make it easy for people to keep moving towards their goals. Their business consists of four customer-facing business units: Consumer, Automotive, Licensing and Telematics, and their customers number in the millions globally.

Key facts

  • We started working with TomTom in June 2011.
  • They mostly use our Professional Translation service and Localisation service.
  • We have translated over 1.6 million words across 200 separate projects for them.
  • We have translated or localised texts for 50 different countries/regions, across six continents.
  • The majority of work we do for TomTom is translating legal documents

The challenge

What’s most important in being able to deliver for TomTom is scale – they require translations for 50 different language combinations, so they need to know we can meet all of their language requirements. Localisation is also critical for TomTom, in order to ensure their content is relevant and correct for each country.

For example – English texts need to be adapted to suit audiences in Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland, and a blanket approach isn’t appropriate.

As well as the scale of the challenge, much of the translation work needed by TomTom is for legal documentation, requiring translators with experience in law to be able to fully understand the terms in both languages. In addition, TomTom’s preference was to use certified linguists for their projects – with Lingo24 they came to the right place.

We also needed to find a way to work with their existing tool in order to extract translatable content, while keeping the process smooth, efficient, and maintaining the required quality levels.

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The solution

We worked very closely with our Linguist Management team to recruit translators to work on all of TomTom’s required language combinations. Where possible, we used certified translators for added piece of mind. We assigned one of our most experienced Project Managers in Timisoara for the task, whose skills were a perfect match for the scale of the job.

We also provided additional Project Management support in our Panama office, in order to keep their larger projects moving around the clock, and to provide in-time zone access for more translators.

We downloaded texts from their system in XLIFF format, and uploaded these to our CAT tool. Our translators and editors could then work effectively and efficiently, making best use of TomTom’s language assets.

After we checked the translations to ensure quality, we uploaded the final versions back into their system, ready to be used.

The result

TomTom have been very impressed with the quality and speed with which we’ve been able to deliver translations for them over the years, and are keen to engage us in future work.

They’d like to integrate us further into their systems to allow for a smoother process, while retaining the control and quality management processes we have in place for them. Our translators have already been given access to their system, and we’re working through processes to make sure we can still deliver exactly what TomTom require, when they require it.

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