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Driving international expansion through platform-to-platform integration

The background

Science in Sport (SIS) are one of the leading sports nutrition companies, providing products right across the spectrum from professionals to weekend warriors.

Providing their products direct to consumer and via a variety of retailers, international expansion was seen as the natural next step for supporting continued business growth.

They had ambitious plans wanting to build and roll out 4 new international sites in a 6 week period to meet the agreed go live dates set by the business.

The challenge

SIS’s ambitious plans required that they work with a language provider that could offer technology, quality and people fit. They wanted to integrate the exchange of content platform to platform, to make the language workflows as smooth as possible, but also had to make sure that the language for the translations was right for terminology, style and tone.

This meant an integration with their e-commerce platform, Magento, and WordPress, where they author their blogs was a must. In addition, they wanted an overarching solution where other departments could have access to the language solution without them becoming the team who had to manage it; this included managing their email marketing activity.

Finally, they obviously wanted to work with people who they could trust and could provide the right level of project and account management support.

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The solution

After a rigorous selection process they finally chose us as this language partner, with the task of delivering on their vision of going international fast.

We offered the technology fit with connections to Magento and WordPress, while they had confidence in our ability to deliver the customer experience and quality that they wanted.

The next stage was deploying the integration in the test environment and bedding in the process to allow for the full language roll out. This process involved working closely with their SI to deploy in the aggressive time frames allowed.

There were challenges and bumps in the road during this process. However, we both threw a lot of resource at resolving these issues and achieved the platform to platform connection we wanted (this means sending content for translations took minutes and when complete reimporting it was similarly painless and fast).

In the background we had put in place a dedicated team of translators and they were all raring to go on the project to meet the required deadlines.

Quickly following on from the Magento integration was the WordPress integration. This went smoothly, and the blogs quickly followed the static and product content in getting translated.

Then came marketing. They used Ease, our client portal, to upload all their orders, which gave them real time access to pricing and the ability to see the status of all projects.

Behind these three means of delivering orders was the same dedicated AM, PM and translation team, the same language assets – one single translation memory and an embedded glossary. So whatever they threw at us we could jump on and return as efficiently and quickly as possible. There were four required languages and a dedicated team for each.

The outcome

Despite some of the challenges with the initial Magento integration, we got everything translated on time and, against plan, it all ran platform to platform, removing any potential of manually touching content. The quality was given the thumbs post review and, after some minor tweaks, we bedded into keeping the marketing campaigns updated and staying on top of new product releases and campaigns.

From starting the onboarding, the process to the sites being live took 6 weeks – a testimony to the great work and drive of SIS as much as our work in the background.

It has to be admitted that Lingo24 did have an ulterior motive in the relationship, in addition to wanting to do a great job, in that each meeting involved a keen SIS fan among the Lingo team helping himself to the various product in their office, with their blessing it should be said, but there were some eyebrows raised as his bag became bigger for each subsequent catch up.

Mark who is Ecommerce Manager at SIS said “MAX TO GET QUOTE”.

The nuts and bolts

  • Integration to Magento and WordPress and use of our customer portal
  • Languages covered English to Spanish, French, German and Dutch
  • Content types: marketing material, technical documents, blogs, creative,
    product and legal documents

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