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Transforming the translation workflow with Ease and Coach

Radisson Hotel Group is one of the world’s largest and most dynamic hotel groups, with eight distinctive hotel brands, with more than 1,400 hotels in destinations around the world.

Key facts

  • Our collaboration with the Radisson Hotels EMEA team started in 2009.
  • They mostly use our On-brand translation service, which guarantees full adherence to the Radisson brand style and creative messaging needs.
  • To date, we have translated over 1,000,000 words for them into the main 7 corporate languages and managed projects of up to 30 language pairs.
  • In 2017 we have successfully integrated the various Radisson stakeholders with our online ordering system, with a 60% adoption rate.

The challenge

The corporate Radisson team was looking to transform their translation workflow. They wanted improved collaboration, quality, transparency and at the heart of it, a better way to work with a team that could really support them.

With various stakeholders and cost centers, they found it difficult to have an overview of how much was spent in each area. In addition with the number of users, it had been a struggle to try to create a consistent and scalable approach that supported the aggressive goals of the business around using content marketing to really drive growth.

Several opportunities for improvement were identified:

  • Creating a dedicated team to drive continuity in experience, this meant PM and translation team which could further enhance the approach and outcome.
  • Centralising the translation resources to get the best possible outcome time after time.
  • Creating ongoing dialogue to push for further improvements to keep pace with the businesses ambition.
  • Embedding the approved reviewers in the translation process and offering them visibility on the changes performed.
  • Allowing project estimation to happen in real time, without having to contact the Account Manager.
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The solution

We met to discuss the opportunities for improvement. The bulk of the meeting was centered around the strategic goals that Radisson wanted to achieve and how important having a working global content model was to their success. There had been lots of change and they wanted to have the best approach they could.

While we could see that there were lots of opportunities for us to add value, we showcased some of the different tools that we could apply to the projects to achieve both immediate and long term improvements.

  • Ease, our online ordering tool, allows users to see the project costs in real time and to have visibility over all the projects ordered.
  • Coach, our in-house translation platform, allows us to embed the reviewers as a third step in the translation process, and give full visibility to Radisson to check the changes performed.

We also made best use of Translation Memory (TM) to ensure greater consistency and accuracy, and to provide discounts for repeated terms from project to project. With regular campaigns that only changed bits of text from one year to another, the Radisson team saw a substantial decrease in costs based on these TM discounts.

The documents sent by Radisson for translation are usually in the format of multi tab Excels which require a mirrored structure delivery.

Our translation technology easily allows us to extract translatable content from such documents and to manage the translation efficiently. We are also able to reformat the translated texts, as per Radisson’s requirements, saving a lot of manual work at their end.

The result

Many of the Radisson stakeholders expressed their appreciation on the quality of our translations and were especially impressed by our responsiveness. We often manage to deliver the documents ahead of time, which allows Radisson to meet their campaign goals.

We have been working with various Radisson departments for several years now and it has been a brilliant experience on both sides. We’ve fully embraced their way of working, and this has turned into an exceptionally close and successful partnership.

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