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Automating workflows through Magento integration

Protein World - a world-renowned protein and nutrition brand

Protein World has not been without their controversy but what can’t be doubted is the incredible impression it has made in raising brand awareness and ultimately driving sales. Pushing the brand through a variety of channels, including the underground beach fit campaign, and using social media to entrench its place among its loyal customers. This has meant huge brand exposure and delivery of an incredibly successful online business.

What they wanted next was an international footprint to maintain that growth in new markets.

The plan & Gene Commerce

This was where they encountered a problem. A language provider was chosen by an incumbent SI who recommended Machine Translation, with some human element and they ended up with a mess: content not suitable for the brand, an unsustainable workflow and inevitable delays. Armageddon decision – they decided they couldn’t go live with that content or in fact with the site as it was.

So, riding to the rescue – the task of making their site work globally was left with a new SI, Gene Commerce, who built up trust through managing the growth in the main site and dealing with the significant trading spikes related to the marketing activity that might have put down other sites. A lot of this success was built out of their in-house developed CMS, which sits on top of Magento and gives a much greater degree of flexibility than using the internal CMS or in plugging in some other platform. This approach has had a big impression on the distinctive look and feel of the site which is playing a part in the continued success.

They set up the site architecture to support multiple languages, organised the payment gateway and worked together around delivery and return cycles – all building blocks for success. And then, looked at language for their target markets, as they wanted a great user experience in-country.

Winning trust before winning business

This is where we came in. We had to rebuild the trust of their business in a language provider after their poor experience. We had to show that we could deliver a solution that not only was right for language but also in managing content updates in Magento. We also had to reassure them that they could get what they wanted, in giving the same immersive user experience for these new markets.

We met with Gene Commerce, shared access to the plugin and walked them through our offering. They were able to deploy the integration in a couple of hours and we started testing that day.

A week later, Gene were convinced we were the right partners for language project plan B, and we started sending and receiving content.

For the first content exchange, Gene selected all static, category and product content and sent through a request for a quote. We sat with them and showed them the project appearing in our system in real time. As there were 3 languages and quite a lot of content, it took 5 minutes or so for the price to be supplied; Gene were then able to accept and the projects went straight into production.

From content selection to order acceptance, the project took around 8 minutes, taking away all the pain of manually handling content, exporting, mailing them off waiting for the quote to come back.

Once the translations were complete, a notification was received within Magento. They hit a button and the content came rolling back in – again a pain-free content reception, with the translations now residing within the platform with no manual effort. Time to accept and import around 3 minutes.

One of our other Magento clients estimated that a translation process that has taken them many hours per language to export and import was now taking them around 20 minutes for all, allowing them to focus on the important things like managing a successful online business.

The plugin allows all updates to be automatically sent for a quote or straight into production, so when you have completed the initial work you don’t have to worry about new products and campaigns, it manages the process for you.

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Further improvements

We still have a bit of work to do to manage the various content assets for Protein World to make it a truly frictionless experience but the medium term results have been really impressive: time on site and conversions up, a bigger number of visitors and bounce rate firmly down. New languages are on their way as Protein World look at further global expansion.

This story is a great example of companies working in collaboration. Gene, as the SI, did an amazing job in getting everything moving quickly and were a brilliant partner throughout. Needless to say we are looking to working with them again soon; meanwhile hold the protein shake while I do another set of reps.

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