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Creating dedicated teams to deliver multi-language content

Founded in 1998, Pinnacle Sports is an online gaming and betting website that prides itself on being “gimmick-free”.

Over the years, it has become one of the world’s largest, fully licensed, online sportsbooks. Presently, the company has customers in over 100 countries and is available in 19 different languages (including international English).

Key facts

  • We started working with Pinnacle Sports in June 2011.
  • They mostly use our Professional Translation.
  • We have translated over 6.500.000 words for them, across many different language combinations and file formats.
  • We’ve translated documents from English into French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).
  • Most of the work we do for Pinnacle Sports is web content, but we also translate newsletters, banner text, legal terms and conditions, and promotional materials.

The challenge

As an online business, the wording on their website has to be spot on – in every country. Therefore Pinnacle Sports needed a translation provider who had the scale to work with all their different language combinations, as well as finding linguists with experience and knowledge in both gaming/betting and the sports industry.

The nature of Pinnacle Sport’s business means that they send us small request frequently, and need them turning around quickly. They also occasionally send very large projects, for which they need efficient project management. Pinnacle Sports also require visibility of their translation projects: from their translation teams (and back-ups), to transparent billing for every project.

When they decided to purchase their own Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tool to give them more control over their projects, they needed advice on which system to purchase, and support to link their system with ours.

In addition to this, Pinnacle Sports create and store documents in an array of different formats, including html, xliff, xls and Word, so they needed someone who could extract and manage content from all of these files, and deliver them back to them in the desired format.

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The solution

We worked hard to recruit linguists for Pinnacle Sports, with the right experience for their needs. Following test translations, we put together their preferred linguist teams, and use these where possible.

We always alert Pinnacle Sports when this isn’t possible, and use their backups instead. Besides linguists, we have assigned them dedicated Project Managers in each of our hubs, to keep their projects moving 24 hours a day – very useful for urgent requests which could be placed by either their US or European offices.

Given the volume of small requests and the need for transparency, the best solution for Pinnacle Sports was to use our simple ordering system, allowing them to efficiently place orders, and track the status and cost of every project.

When it comes to invoicing, we set up a monthly tab which allows them to group projects together each month and thus avoiding minimum charges per project.

The result

We’ve been working with Pinnacle Sports for a number of years, and have assisted and evolved with them through various phases of their translation purchasing. Our dedicated teams are always on hand to deliver for them, and Pinnacle Sports can rely on us 24 hours a day.

Perhaps more importantly, the length and depth of our relationship now means we can pass on significant cost savings to Pinnacle Sports every month. By building a substantial Translation Memory and accurate glossary through all the projects we have completed for them, we can discount some jobs by up to 50% of our standard price, as their content can be quite similar from project to project. It’s certainly a very appreciated section of their monthly report!

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