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Localisation of global training program material

Orange is a multinational telecommunications corporation, providing mobile, internet, landline and television services to more than 220 million customers.

Orange is one of the most recognised brands across Europe and as part of French Telecom Group forms part of one of the largest telecom businesses in the world.

Key facts

  • Lingo24 has translated 3 million words for Orange since 2005, covering more than 30 different language combinations.
  • Web content, brochures, newsletters, PowerPoint presentations and other marketing material and business communications, including Orange’s brand guidelines.
  • Orange uses our Professional Translation and On-brand Translation services, as well as Desktop Publishing.
  • Orange is fully integrated with Lingo24’s browser-based translation management system.
  • We also have a dedicated email address that allows Orange to contact us 24 hours a day.
  • We have built up a large and comprehensive translation memory for Orange. Where source content has already been translated, this ensures consistency and faster turnaround times
  • Orange often works with InDesign files, and it’s important that the finished documents reflect the format and design of the originals.

The challenge

Orange needed a language partner they could rely on for a number of different challenging projects however the key one was the localisation of the material coming out of the Orange Campus in Paris which ran their global training program.

As a business that puts brand and customer experience at the heart of what they do they have to offer continuity of experience across their global business. At the centre of delivering this uniformity of experience, with the target of global excellence is the Orange Campus.

By making sure that they produce industry leading training material they can insure that they continue to deliver for their customers across their International Business.

When you appreciate the importance of this project to Orange then you understand better why their choice of partner was critical to its pan-European success.

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The solution

The opportunity of working with Orange was a very exciting one for us, especially because of the importance of the role their language partner would play.

Understanding the importance of accuracy and appropriate tone of voice, we started the process by creating a new tonal guide for the brand in French.

This was applied across the business and become the basis of the style the translation team would incorporate for the language versions we would create of their training material but also when working on important internal and external communications internally.

We then created a dedicated Account team which included their primary accounts contact, a dedicated project team and dedicated translation teams for each language that was required.

By employing this method we could get the best possible continuity for the Orange brand in regard to experience and outcome.

While it was always a challenge because of the dual demands of sharp turnarounds and exacting language requirements, it is one we happily embraced putting a team and process in place to guarantee the best possible outcome.

The result

Orange have been a long standing customer for us which shows how we have managed to balance these demands and continue to deliver for our partner. We have worked with them for over six years.

While the company has evolved, the importance of language and the customer experience are still central to their business and we are proud to have played such an important part in this journey.

So, whenever we are asked what is our favourite colour, we are truthfully able to answer Orange.

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