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Getting products to market as soon as possible

Mountain Hardwear was founded in 1993 with an aim to create performance apparel and equipment to empower outdoor athletes.

Its products include everything from tents and sleeping bags to jackets and gloves – all specifically designed to be effective for specific outdoor activities in different terrains and climates. It has a substantial online trading presence to support its physical stores, and also sells its products through several other retailers.

Key facts

  • We started working with Mountain Hardwear in January 2012.
  • They mostly use our Professional Translation service.
  • We have translated over 93,000 words for them since we started working together.
  • We’ve translated documents from English into French, Italian, Spanish and German, and from French into German.
  • We translate a variety of different texts for Mountain Hardwear, including press releases, product descriptions and sports articles.

The challenge

As an e-commerce business, Mountain Hardwear need to get their products to market as soon as possible – in every country – so they need a translation partner who can keep up with their need for speed, and understand the commercial balance between getting the right translations for the right price as quickly as possible.

Mountain Hardwear’s products are designed and made to a very high specification, and their customers need to know exactly what they are buying for the relevant sporting activities they undertake.

Therefore, Mountain Hardwear’s translators need to be able to understand all the technical aspects of their products and materials to ensure they can be communicated effectively.

As well as this, Mountain Hardwear’s brand is very important to them, and they need to communicate not just the details of their products, but also supporting advertising and marketing content, blogs, articles, press releases and other web content. So, we also needed to supply translators with a good knowledge of journalism, marketing and outdoor sports.

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The solution

We scoured our database to find translators with the right level of experience and specialist knowledge for Mountain Hardwear. We thoroughly test all of our translators and check professional references to ensure they’ll do a good job, and we keep accurate records of their work. Because of this, Mountain Hardwear has always been pleased with the quality of translations we’ve been able to provide for them.

Mountain Hardwear send all their documents for translation in Word format, which we can easily upload into our Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tool.

Our tool allows us to flag up terms that we have translated for them before (in their Translation Memory), which means we’re able to provide more consistent translations and discounts on such repetitions.

Our technology and processes also enable us to respond to and deliver projects with fast turnaround times. We’re frequently asked to deliver translations in less than 24 hours, which our team have achieved exactly as specified.

The result

We’ve built a very good relationship with Mountain Hardwear’s Swiss office, and we look forward to extending our positive relationship with relevant contacts in their US base, to provide even more quality translations for them.

Our recent developments on our API and plug-in for the Salesforce e-commerce system will also come in very useful to help integrate Mountain Hardwear’s platform directly with our own. This has the opportunity to drastically improve the efficiency of the translation workflow and save them money.

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