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Global leader in electronic components distribution

Slashing time to market and winning internationally using Post-Edited Machine Translation

The challenge

The client is known for launching products faster in the US than their competitors and wanted our help to replicate this in their global markets – taking advantage of their early access to products relative to their international competitors.

The client

This client is a global market leader in electronic components distribution for over 500 industry-leading suppliers, transacting in 27 currencies, with 25 locations around the globe.


Lingo24 conducted an assessment of the end-to-end workflow involved in the translation and review of content for international launches to identify acceleration opportunities.

Three key actions were identified to reduce the time to market:

  • Build high-quality customised Machine Translation engines based on the large set of previously translated data available
  • Introduce PEMT to move from translating new content from scratch to post-editing high-quality engine output – making the translation phase faster
  • Once happy with the output from the engine, gradually introduce exceptional in-market review of the content, making the review time shorter.

This approach was trialled on a single language using the client’s existing language assets to build an engine tuned to their exact content which would significantly outperform generic engines available on the market.

A trial period was conducted to test the process and assess the feedback received. Along with Coach’s productivity metrics, this information confirmed the initial expectations that this approach resulted in the same quality at a faster pace.

Key to achieving this was reducing the time it took to translate and review content to allow them to launch new products in these markets before others even have them.

What is PEMT?

Post-Edited Machine Translation (PEMT) is the use of high-quality machine translation in a workflow to allow new content to be quickly edited, as opposed to translated from scratch.

PEMT can be a cost-effective and time saving alternative to the regular human translation workflow, as post-editors only need to review and edit previously-machine translated content.

To be most successful, PEMT needs engines that are tuned to match the content you translate. At Lingo24, we test using live data, and only introduce PEMT if productivity gains are certain.

PEMT helps clients to make the most of their existing translation budget and unlock new growth opportunities.


The client was able to reduce their time to market in international markets from 2 weeks to 1 week, allowing them to grow international revenues from 15% to 55%.

Cost and time savings

Using a customised MT engine removed the need to translate everything from scratch, drastically reducing the financial cost of translations

Doing more with the same budget

Reduced cost has allowed the client to extend their international product lines

Confidence in the quality

Customised engines combined with experienced post-editors ensured that in terms of quality the high expectations of the international teams continued to be met

Reduced fear

The Lingo24 methodology and customised engine approach has resulted in Machine Translation being accepted as a viable tool for other content types

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