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Speed, quality and reduced cost of translations

GEE is the airline industry’s leading provider of in-flight entertainment, content, connectivity and digital media solutions.

They serve airlines of all sizes and are committed to keeping passengers entertained and connected during their journey, both through the seatback screen and their own mobile devices.

Delivering this content in multiple languages is a crucial part of the GEE offering so it is vital to have the right partner who can work hand-in-hand with the GEE team to quickly turnaround multi-language content of the right quality.

With the GEE Team located globally and an ever-growing number of languages needing translated, working with an extended team who had the scale to support was very important.

The quest for speed, quality and reduced cost of translations

GEE identified three main challenges:

  • With the continual flow of new content for their customers the quickest possible turnaround time is vital.
  • Quality of language is key. It reflects not just on GEE but also on their clients – some of the world’s leading airlines.
  • Reducing total cost of translations is important as the airline industry is a competitive space and value for money is a significant driver.
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Mixing a global team with a true 24/7 service

Lingo24 set up a global team of account managers, project managers and dedicated team of translators, all focused on language quality and providing a true 24 hour/day service.

By working with GEE to establish an efficient end-to-end workflow, we were able to reduce their turnaround time for translated content from 5 to 3 days – having an immediate impact on helping GEE beat their customer expectations.

15% reduction on cost of translations on the first go

While offering a competitive per word price, the real cost saving came when translation memory matches, using Lingo24’s segmentation alignment, resulted in a 15% cost saving beyond what they’d experienced from previous providers – a great win for both GEE and their clients.

To help further improve the workflow, we’re now working with the GEE team to ensure their new internal content management system will support the right translation workflow and have a direct link into the Lingo24 API – once live, this should further reduce their internal effort and bring benefits on turnaround time.

Tom Charles, Publicity Coordinator at Global Eagle Entertainment, talks about how Lingo24 helped GEE in their quest for speed, quality and reduced cost of translations.

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