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Creating a glossary for consistency across all projects

Fusion Electronics was founded in 1998 as a car audio brand, inspired by its founders’ enthusiasm for cars, music and street culture.

Since then, it has grown steadily to become a global company, with subsidiaries in the UK, USA and Australia, and distribution in over 30 countries.

The company sells a wide range of audio products, including speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, marine audio equipment and accessories. It continues to build on its strength in product design and innovation, and expand into new markets.

Key facts

  • Language combinations include English into French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Korean, Chinese and Spanish.
  • They usually use our Professional Traslation, Copy Editing and Desktop Publishing (DTP) services.
  • Most of our work involves translating marketing materials, such as product brochures, and manuals for their marine and audio products.

The challenge

Most of Fusion Electronics’ translation work involves translating marketing materials and instruction manuals for their marine and audio products into a number of European languages. These often require using very technical terms, and describing the specifications and features of each model in depth.

Fusion Electronics did not have a glossary of terms at first, so we offered to build one from scratch, incorporating it into each succeeding project.

Our client has a number of regional offices in the countries where the translated materials would be used.

Each translated file is reviewed by the locally based staff, and returned with any requests for amendments.

In addition, Fusion Electronics also often requires translations within very tight deadlines – sometimes as little as 24 hours.

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The solution

We have assembled dedicated translation teams for each language combination, with expertise in electronics and marketing translations.

We’ve built a glossary for our client, to ensure that their preferred terminology is used consistently across all projects.

Once the source files are translated, our desktop publishing (DTP) artists ensure that the final ones mirror the design of the original content.

When it comes to large orders, we usually try to ensure we have plenty of time before committing to a delivery date.

But sometimes Fusion Electronics requires very tight turnaround times, so we can scale up our operations to meet their deadlines.

With their approval, we can split the source file between two or more translators, while using a single proofreader to ensure consistency.

We always keep our client up-to-date on the status of each project with regular emails. During the review process, our translators are on stand-by, so they can quickly make any required amendments to the translated files.

The result

Fusion Electronics has been impressed by our speed and ability to deliver within the agreed deadlines. They are also pleased that we keep them in the loop on progress, and anticipate their requirements in advance so that their dedicated translators are available. We’re pleased to have built up a successful partnership, and hope to continue working together as they grow their business.

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