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Ensuring continuity and dynamic response

If you’ve booked tickets lately, the chances are you’ve used Eventbrite. The fast-growing tech company is shaking up the events industry and growing globally. With a reliable translation and localisation partner, launching in new markets was plain sailing.

Key facts

  • Lingo24 has translated almost 1,000,000 words for Eventbrite since the partnership in May 2014.
  • They often use our On-brand Translation service. They also use Professional Translation, Checking and Editing, and Localisation.
  • Their required language combinations are English into French (Canada and France) and Italian.
  • Most of their translations requirements are for their website, for both the user interface and associated apps; we also translate their help articles and some marketing material.
  • We have integrated our systems with theirs, so they don’t have to export files for translation

The challenge

To break into new markets, Eventbrite needed to develop foreign language versions of its site and user interface, as well as help information to make the user journey smoother. They also had to adapt their apps for smartphones, and the associated customer communications to confirm bookings – not to mention their marketing materials.

Since their application is in a continual cycle of development, it required a systematic approach to localisation. The same did the associated launches of new user information.

Eventbrite is always looking at what their customers might want – ideally before the customers even realise they need it!

This means developing new offerings and functionality quickly and often, to improve their reach and user experience.

Our challenge was to fit in with the way Eventbrite wanted to work, by building a translation team who would work on weekly string updates within their preferred development and content management systems.

The process had to be seamless from end to end, ensuring continuity and a dynamic response so that all the multilingual versions followed the agreed release schedule.

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The solution

We had an initial meeting at Eventbrite’s London office to agree on the process and speed of updates, with their Head of Localisation flying in from the USA.

Since we were mainly handling European languages, this was an opportunity to get the translation team, project team and account managers together, and get off to the best possible start.

This was a very productive session, giving us a real insight into their process, culture and expectations, and laying the foundations for a successful partnership.

Eventbrite have high expectations for the international versions of their site, and want to ensure that their user experience is as good as possible, no matter the language.

The result

We have been working with Eventbrite for several years now and it has been a brilliant experience on both sides. We’ve fully embraced Eventbrite’s way of working, and this has turned into an exceptionally close and successful partnership.

Of course there are challenges along the way, but by taking an open and inclusive approach, we have been able to fully understand and meet all of Eventbrite’s requirements. There’s no doubt Eventbrite has a bright future, and we’re really excited about being part of their journey.

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