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Magento integration for fast and efficient translations

A globally established watch designer

It was a coincidental meeting halfway around the world that sparked the idea for Daniel Wellington. On this trip, their founder Filip Tysander met an intriguing British gentleman with impeccable yet unpretentious style. The man had a particular fondness for wearing his vintage watches on old, weathered NATO straps. His name? Daniel Wellington. Inspired by his new acquaintance’s timeless style, Filip decided to create his own line of watches.

From here, Daniel Wellington have become a leading watch designer, creating brand-led innovation. They have been hugely successful with their dynamic approach to digital marketing, giving them great brand saliency and awareness. They are already well-established globally, with 32 websites and 21 languages supported.

Bringing Lingo24 in to lighten the load

Daniel Wellington wanted to roll out sub-brands using the same go-to-market strategy, and use these for further innovation and testing; one such brand was Nicole Vienna. They were looking for an easy way to go live in 6 countries with supported content – they were comfortable with rolling out the sites but not with the language approach.

The business had used a more traditional approach of exporting and importing content manually from the platform. However, they revealed this often took several hours per language per update, and was one of the limitations on their ability to push as fast as they wanted.

Enter Magento!

Our obvious answer to allowing Daniel Wellington to have a faster approach was an integration to Magento. We deployed the plugin to allow for extensive testing in the demo environments, and after a week or so they felt confident enough to start pushing content across live.

One of our biggest Magento clients estimated that a translation process that has taken them many hours per language to export and import was now taking them around 20 minutes for all, allowing them to focus on the important things like managing a successful online business.

The plugin allows all updates to be automatically sent for a quote or straight into production, so when you have completed the initial work you don’t have to worry about new products and campaigns, it manages the process for you.

There were some issues in relation to the encapsulation of the HTML, and this meant that we had to build a special filter to recognise the non-standard phrasing. In simple terms, because Magento is very flexible around the way you can use your HTML, it can end up in the translation view rather than being cleaned and captured as tags.

Daniel Wellington found that the experience of sending and receiving content was as easy as they hoped, reducing the several hours per language to minutes for everything.

Obviously there was an expectation that we would match up on quality with the previous work they had completed, and the in-country feedback confirmed this was the case. It meant they were able to launch the language sites on time and on budget.

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Rolling out the Magento solution across the entire portfolio

The Daniel Wellington team couldn’t believe the ease of the entire process and want to roll out the solution across the portfolio. They know the importance of being in language to maximise success, having seen for example a 92% increase in conversions on their French site post translation.

This productivity leap will allow them to focus on the important bits of the day-to-day, namely to keep driving their brands in pursuit of global domination of the world’s watch markets.

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