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Adapting surveys for multilingual audiences

With specialist translators and industry expertise, Lingo24 ensures that B2B International is always asking the right questions, no matter the language.

B2B International is a global market research specialist, with offices in New York, Chicago, Beijing, Shanghai, Düsseldorf, London, and Manchester.

They have built up a wealth of knowledge and insight across a wide range of industries – in fact, they have carried out more business-to-business market research studies than any other company in the world.

Key facts

  • Lingo24 has worked with B2B International since February 2013, translating 350,000 words.
  • We’ve completed projects in a wide range of language combinations, including English into French (France and Canada), Italian, German, Spanish (Europe and Latin America), Chinese, and Russian.
  • The files are usually sent in XML or Word format.

The challenge

When it comes to translation, quality and fast turnaround times are the top priorities for B2B International.

Most of their work involves localising surveys for foreign audiences. Since they deal with end clients from different industries, they need to ensure they get the terminology right for every sector.

They usually have tight deadlines, and need the translated surveys back as soon as possible.

These surveys are mainly designed for telephone interviewing, and address respondents in very specific ways, especially when dealing with decision makers and technical buyers.

The translators need to have background knowledge of the required industry, and take special care to get the “B2B lingo” right.

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The solution

We created teams of dedicated translators depending on the end client’s industry, with specialist knowledge of IT, Oil & Gas, and other sectors. For each project, we’ll select the most appropriate suppliers.

We also have comprehensive translation memories of all B2B International’s previous translations, which ensure consistency and help improve speed.

B2B International uses Confirmit as their survey platform, and usually export the content to be translated in either XML or Word format.

Following the client’s instructions, our technical team prepares the files for translation, pre-filtering if necessary so that only the content to be translated is shown.

Our linguists carry out the work using our translation software, and return the files in the same format.

Our client usually lets us know about projects in advance, so we can ensure that the right suppliers are available. If dealing with projects in multiple languages, we deliver the languages in batches so they can process the translated content as it comes and save time at their end.

The result

Our client is happy with the quality of translations and especially impressed by our responsiveness. We often come back with translations ahead of deadlines, which helps them with their workflows.

We’ve built up a close relationship with B2B International, and look forward to continuing our productive collaboration.

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