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Researching and deciding which terminology is appropriate for your client’s text is a standard task for translators. The first check for your research should always be the existing Translation Memory. A Concordance search does exactly that: it allows to select a term, phrase or expression and search the TM for this selection. The decision is still yours, but it will be based on valuable information.

Christof Schneider, Workflow Consultant, Lingo24

Christof Schneider has helped developing several CAT tools (including Coach). He works for Lingo24 on practical workflow issues as well as thought leadership to achieve scalable localisation processes. Christof has been teaching CAT tools and localisation issues at the University of Auckland for 7 years and was recently invited to rekindle this engagement. One of his passions is to help professional Translators to use the functions of their tools to make better and more reliable translation decisions.