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Coach: Client Review In The Bilingual Excel File

The bilingual Excel File is a reflection of the project in Coach, but compared to the project in Coach, it lacks essential functions and information.

Coach: Translation Review in Coach

To help you to execute low risk reviews, here are some of the key functions and reminders for your review cycle in Coach.

Project Management for 3rd parties

Here are the basics about Project Creation, Tasks Creation, Project Monitoring and Creation of Translated files.

Coach for 3rd Party Project Managers with Translation Role

Learn how Coach allows you as a project manager to also directly access and work on any translation task.

Terminology Management Basics

Integrating the terminology into Coach’s terminology tool opens the door to develop a strategy to manage and control your terminology. This comes at a cost and we can help you to assess your situation.

In Market Review Cycles Basics

Learn more about why is a skill-based task like your target market review an opportunity to increase efficiency.

Coach: How to deal with Fuzzy Matches?

Fuzzy TM matches are found when a segment is nearly the same as a TU (translation unit) in the TM. When you see one, you need to check how the...

Coach: How to identify unedited Fuzzy Matches in a project?

You might not need to edit all project segments that are based on Fuzzy TM matches - in particular if they are very high fuzzy matches...

Coach: How to research the TM with the concordance function?

Researching and deciding which terminology is appropriate for your client’s text is a standard task for translators...

Coach: How to research the project with the “filter on selection”?

When researching and deciding about a term, you might want to know how frequently and in what ways it is used in the project...

Coach: Tips & tricks

How to handle mandatory QA warnings and false QA warnings, how to place tags to reflect the syntax of the target language and so much more...

Coach: The SideBar

Coach offers more than just the grid based standard Workspace. There are numerous functions that users can use to increase their productivity...

Coach: Approving Segments

Translators work differently when it comes to creating a translation. Some create a good draft for each segment with all terminology research done...

Basic Translation Functions in Coach

This video uses a generic translation project to summarise typical CAT tool functions.

Working with codes

This video explains the difference between stand{1}alone tags and {2}tag pairs{2}, how to find out what they mind and how to easily place them in the translation.

Duplication and Propagation

The duplication and propagation functions of Lingo24's CAT tool help translators stay consistent throughout their translations when encountering segments that are repeated within a project.

Basics of Terminology Work in Coach

This video gives you an insight on how to use the Terminology Data to make better translation decisions in Coach.

QA Warnings and Quality Assurance

This video explains the background of our QA approach and helps to categorise the different kinds of checks.

QA Hands-on – How to Work with QA

This video shows hands-on methods and solutions on how to use the QA report for navigation and the segment report for detailed information.