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Journey to Global

Journey to Global gathers together a select group of business leaders working in the digital space to share their experiences with other businesses that are at different stages of their journey to global. They talk about the challenges they have faced and the secrets behind their acceleration to international growth online.

These events take the form of exclusive invite-only dinners, round-table discussions and networking events.

Topics, themes and challenges

Some of the major topics we have discussed at previous sessions include:

  • content creation and the subsequent choices made around localisation
  • social messaging solutions in a global context
  • the challenges of working with agencies in an international context
  • optimising for mobile growth in different territories
  • different approaches to tracking customer behaviours and measuring success
  • considerations when re-platforming


The Journey to Global community attracts guests from a variety of industries, including e-commerce, retail, tech, digital, B2B and advertising agencies.

“I took away that similar or the same challenges are common to all retailers.  There is benefit in sharing challenges and information with others.”
Sarah Haskey, John Lewis

To contribute, learn and expand the conversation with us why not become a part of our community?

If you are interested in attending, partnering or just finding out more about our events, you can call +44 (0) 207 952 7897 or contact us at

Translation events

The translation industry is always evolving, and Lingo24 plays an active role by attending and contributing to industry events on translation, translation buying, multilingual digital marketing, localisation and translation technology.

You’ll find Lingo24 at all these trade shows, conferences, meetups, tweet-ups, webinars and other translation industry networking events.