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Wordpress translation plugin

Our client, a strategic management consultancy, needed articles to be translated and returned in a publishable format very quickly. They use WordPress and require around 10,000 words translated each month. With our support, they developed a Wordpress translation plugin based on our REST web service.

This Wordpress translation API contains a dashboard where the client can select posts to send for translation. It includes the option of batching as many posts as needed into a single order. A native cron or pseudo cron hook is used to automate translation retrieval. Based on a pre-set interval, the plugin connects to Lingo24, asking for pending translations. If found, they are pulled and saved.

This provides a simple way for the client to send orders for translation from Wordpress via the plugin’s dashboard. Projects are automatically created in XTM, and once complete, the plugin retrieves the translated files.  

The WordPress translation plugin simplified the process, dramatically cutting the project management time for our client and ensuring fast turnaround times.