Market research translation

Cost­-effective translation for all surveys, questionnaires and market research. Fast turnaround times are achieved with accuracy thanks to our 24­-hour global service, with in­-country specialists using award-­winning technology to save time.

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Questionnaires, responses and coding

Fast turnaround times

24­-hour management, one­-click ordering and instant translation options.

Cost­-effective service for open­-ended responses

Low­-cost machine translation with optional human editing

Accurate and localised questionnaire translation

Access the true opinions of global markets with intelligent questions

Efficient version control of surveys

Stress­-free storage and management of files

For all your global market research needs

  • in-­country coding specialists with cutting edge technology to save human coding time 
  • every project fully project managed by our experts, whichever solution you choose 
  • brand name checking (to ensure relevance to local markets) and link checking (to ensure your online surveys function properly) 
  • technical support for managing file formats from your survey platform 
  • Translation Memory and Terminology Management

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Lingo24's account management and backup teams are very friendly, efficient and honest. There is always very clear and upfront communication regarding the availability of languages, costs and the time required for each project. Our clients have verified their translations to be of good quality and their services are fairly priced for this level. I highly recommend Lingo24! Survey Analytics India
I’ve used Lingo24 many times and have always found them helpful, friendly and quick to respond. They also offer good value for money and their translations are of a high standard. Importantly, they also offer quick turnarounds and have always met the deadlines. Freshminds

Questionnaire translation 

Questionnaire responses are only as good as the questions you ask, and that’s why accurate localisation and translation is a vital investment when querying different markets.

  • professional translation from native Market Research experts 
  • full localisation for specific cultures 
  • consultancy on file formats (exports from your survey platform) 
  • bespoke workflow development where required


Translation for open­-ended survey responses

A flexible approach to meet your budget, speed and quality requirements

  • tailored machine translation engines give fast and low­-cost results 
  • add on human post­-editing for better quality 
  • basic human translation for special cases

Fast translation turnaround times 

Get translations when you need them 

  • integrate via API for one-­click ordering 
  • premium machine translation gives instant output ­
  • strategically located offices for 24-­hour project management ­
  • scalable solutions to automate processes and resource appropriately


Efficient version control

We improve the ease and efficiency of your translation by ensuring everybody is using the latest version of your survey or questionnaire. ­

  • dedicated Account Management for your files 
  • robust systems for data storage, management and transfer 
  • additional Project Management support where required
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