Translation Services for the Oil Industry

Lingo24 was founded in Aberdeen, Europe’s oil capital; we've had experience with oil industry-specific translation since the very beginning. We’ve translated tender documents, technical specifications, user manuals and more for companies large and small.

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The benefits of using Lingo24's translation service

Proven track record working for oil and gas companies

24-hour operation improves turnaround times

Proprietary software ensures high quality and reduces cost

Industry leading processes for selecting the ideal translator for your work


For oil and gas industry translation, the most requested languages are Russian, Norwegian, (Brazilian) Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic, and we have specialist translators in all these languages and many more. Our specialist translators have worked for major oil and service companies internationally, picking up knowledge and terminology on the job. We believe this is the only way a translator can truly become skilled at translating for the oil and gas sector.


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