Case studies

We have an extensive track record of delivering high quality translation services to international companies from a wide range of industry sectors.

Find out how we help our clients understand their translation needs and why our fully customisable translation processes are key in reducing turnaround times and cutting costs.

Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington are a leading watch designer, well-established globally, with 32 websites and 21 languages supported.

Find out how we've helped them achieve 92% increase in conversions on their French website, post localisation, using our Magento integration solution.

Daniel Wellington case study


SportPursuit are a highly successful e-commerce start up, with an enviable selection of leading brands appearing on a regular cycle at heavily reduced prices.
By translating their website into Danish, SportPursuit achieve a 250% increase in their conversion rates, and proved once more that translated websites deliver better results than a region served by the English version.

SportPursuit case study

Protein World

Protein World has madean incredible impression in raising brand awareness by pushing the brand through a variety of channels and ultimately driving sales.
Together with Gene Commerce, we've offered Protein World a tailored integration solution to help them maintain their online growth and reach international markets.

Protein World case study

Global Eagle Entertainment

GEE is the airline industry’s leading provider of inflight entertainment, content, connectivity and digital media solutions.
Find out how competitive per word price and translation memory matches, using Lingo24’s segmentation alignment, resulted in a 15% cost saving beyond what they’d experienced from previous providers.

GEE case study



Physioswiss, the Swiss Association of Physiotherapy provides a wide range of services and publications for its over 8000 members, including information on education and training.
By assembling a team of native-speaking Swiss translators with specialist knowledge of the health sector, and by creating terminology glossaries, we’re able to deal promptly with their requests and ensure consistency.

Physioswiss case study

Science in Sport

Science in Sport (SIS) are one of the leading sports nutrition companies, providing products right across the spectrum from professionals to weekend warriors.
By offering them technology fit with connections to Magento and Wordpress, we were able to to deliver the customer experience and quality that they wanted.

Science in Sport case study


MTV, one of the leading global digital brands, has been a cultural icon for a generation. Part of the Viacom Empire, the company has transcended its origins to create a network of channels and programming appropriate for a truly global youth audience.
Here's how we managed to capture the appropriate tone for their numerous language versions and met testing deadlines time after time.

MTV case study


B2B International

B2B International is a global market research specialist, with offices in New York, Chicago, Beijing, Shanghai, Düsseldorf, London, and Manchester.
With specialist translators and industry expertise, we help B2B International adapt their surveys for multilingual audiences, and make sure they always aske the right questions, no matter the language.

B2B international case study


Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle Sports is an online gaming and betting website that prides itself on being “gimmick-free”. Presently, the company has customers in over 100 countries and its website is available in 19 different languages.
FInd out how, since 2011, we have evolved with them through various phases of their translation purchasing.

Pinnacle sports case study


TomTom is a global leader in navigation, traffic and map products, GPS Sport Watches and fleet management solutions.
What’s most important in being able to deliver for TomTom is scale, as they require translations for 50 different language combinations.
Find how how we've managed to help them.

TomTom case study


AccorHotels is the world’s benchmark hospitality player, owning more than 3,700 hotels globally, with presence in 92 countries.
They initially approached us to translate important brand books for three of their Luxury & Upscale hotel brands, and were happy with our ability to meet their deadlines and achieve great levels of consistency and accuracy.

AccorHotels case study


If you’ve booked tickets lately, the chances are you’ve used Eventbrite. The fast-growing tech company is shaking up the events industry and growing globally.
To break into new markets, Eventbrite needed to develop foreign language versions of its site and user interface, as well as help information to make the user journey smoother. Here's how we've helped them.

Eventbrite case study

Mountain Hardwear

As an e-commerce business, Mountain Hardwear need to get their products to market as soon as possible – in every country – so they were looking for a translation partner who can keep up with them and understand the commercial balance between getting the right translations for the right price. This is where we came in.

Mountain Hardwear case study



Orange is a multinational telecommunications corporation, providing mobile, internet, landline and television services to more than 220 million customers.
We created a new tonal guide for their brand in French, which was applied across the business and become the basis of the style the translation team would incorporate for the language versions we would create of their training material.

Orange case study

The Economist Group

With a 170-year history of providing authoritative insight on international news, politics, business and science, the Economist Group needs little introduction.
Lingo24’s specialist teams help bring The Economist Group’s independent journalism and research to readers and business leaders around the globe.

The Economist Group case study

Fusion Electronics

Fusion Electronics is a global company with distribution in over 30 countries. Most of their translation work requires using very technical terms, and describing the specifications and features of each model in depth.
Our tailored solution implied assembling dedicated translation teams, building a client-specific glossary, and ensuring that the translated documents mirror the design of the original content.

Fusion Electronics case study

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