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Website Optimisation with Translation

This is an essential service if you are considering website translation. If you want your translated website to be found by online searchers, you need to ensure that the main searched-for keywords are covered in your content.

The success of online content is dependent on its search engine optimisation (SEO), and the success of SEO is directly related to the strength of your keywords and their positioning in your online content and links. This is because search engines index and rank websites by sending ‘spiders’ to scan web pages for relevant terms, or ‘keywords’, in their headings, introductory paragraphs and tags.

Keywords are the signposts that help internet users to find your website in search engines, and the process of incorporating keywords into your content in a way which is reader-friendly and search engine-friendly is called optimisation.

In this service, optimisation is integrated into the translation process to ensure that the copy is professionally written, optimised and ready to perform.

Website Optimisation Services

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