Eloqua translation plugin

Our Eloqua plugin lets you fast-track and automate your campaign localization, allowing you to communicate with international markets more quickly and heighten your global growth. Setup is a breeze, so you can begin to localize your content immediately.

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Improve Eloqua content localization


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Ensure your brand stays consistent

Using technology efficiently ensures your brand terminology never varies.

Boost global sales

When your content is localized by pros who really know the market, it will better engage your target audience and increase sales as a result.

Accelerate time to market

Reduce PM time by sending translatable content with just a click.

No more copying and pasting!

Reduce internal admin time through efficient workflows.

It takes only a couple minutes to get the Eloqua plugin working and begin ordering translations.

Our easy-to-use interface lets you pick content in just a couple clicks, along with your preferred translation quality level for each element.

You can relax and breathe easy while we take care of the rest. We will manage and deliver your translations in line with your instructions and existing language assets

The translations will be repopulated back into your desired fields within Eloqua so you can start using them immediately.

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Localizing all forms of content

Our tools can seamlessly extract any asset from Eloqua for translation, regardless of format (HTML or WYSIWYG) or type (forms, landing pages, and emails). Here are just a few types of embedded content they can detect automatically:

  • Embedded images
  • Forms within landing pages
  • Dynamic content
  • Shared content blocks
  • Headers and footers
  • Field merges

Manage quality level for translations

Let us translate your materials using the quality level that best fits your needs. Chose from our five established translation quality levels or get in touch about how we can provide extra QA checks or customized workflows.

Consistent use of language assets and terminology

Our software lets us import all your existing language assets and use them with maximum accuracy, for higher quality results, greater consistency throughout your translations, and elevated engagement with international audiences.

In-context review

Our advanced tool puts all of the translated content back into their original format, so you can control and review your content with greater accuracy.

Administer your budget and maintain efficiency with hard data

Manage your spending and calculate return on investment using real-time analytics and reports. Scrutinize process efficiencies for continual improvement with every new cycle. Today, translation work that used to take months can take mere days to complete.

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