Adobe Experience Manager translation plugin

Our Adobe EM plugin lets you speed up and automate localization and branded content creation, so you can reach international markets faster and advance your global growth potential.

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Optimize your Adobe EM content localization


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Accelerate creation of foreign language content

It takes just a few clicks to identify and send the content you want translated.

Grow international sales

When your branded content is localized effectively, your audience will engage more, and you will make more sales.

Forget copying and pasting!

Minimize internal admin time with easy, automated processes for transferring content.

Ensure your brand is consistent

Our pioneering technology will help you be confident that branded language assets and terminology are always used as intended.

You can set up the Adobe plugin in your current environment, and our tech support will provide you all the help you need along the way

Our easy interface helps you choose and send the content you want translated in just a couple clicks. You can also choose the quality level you want for every item.

We will provide your translations based on your specifications and any language assets you already have.

Translated materials will be repopulated into the correct fields of your Adobe EM platform, for easy reviewing and use.

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Manage your translation quality level

Specify the translation quality levels you feel will best fit your needs and content. Chose from our five translation quality levels or get in touch about our personalized workflows and extra quality measures you would like.

Proper use of language assets and terminology

Our technology allows us to import and manage use of all your language assets, to ensure superior quality and higher consistency, resulting in better engagement from your global audiences.

In-context review

Our plugin auto-populates the translated content into your desired fields, so you control your content and are able to review it more accurately.

Efficient budget and resource management

Keep track of spending and ROI using real-time analytics and reports, analyze process efficiency and determine possible improvements. Translation processes that used to take many months can now be finished in days.

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