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Comments from language translators and other suppliers

In order to retain flexibility and keep costs low, Lingo24 maintains a database of carefully selected linguists.


It's vitally important to our business that these suppliers want to work with us, and in many cases we need their support to help us exceed the expectations of our demanding clients. We fully recognise the importance of these relationships, and are happy to share some unprompted feedback we've had below. These comments illustrate that our company is respected within the translation industry and has what might be termed preferential access to a strong network of linguistic talent.

"I am very much enjoying working on this project, not least because of all the support from you. It's a rare treat to be working with people who seem to care about what they are doing."
Liz Griffith

"I've worked on a few projects with Lingo24. Lovely people. Sue and Martyn are the nicest PMs out there."
Annika Neudecker

"Pleasure to work with! Pay on time, interesting projects, professional and friendly."
Ron Peek

If you're one of the language translators who's worked with Lingo24 and would like to add comments to the above, please contact your project manager directly.