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Translating Services for the Energy Sector

We’ve translated 2.1 million words since 2006 for 25 oil, gas and energy producers and traders.

Our translating services cover everything from research reports, legal contracts, terminology glossaries, business correspondence, press releases and instruction manuals to company reports, bid specifications, financial reports and more.

We have 430 translators who specialise in translating across our five service levels for the oil, gas and energy sectors, covering all language combinations.

Case studies

Oil, metals and renewable energies trader

Lingo24 has worked with this major oil, metals and renewable energies trader since 2006, translating 330,000 words into 12 language combinations.

Translations include legal contracts, court documents, business communications and press releases from French into English, and from English into Portuguese, Spanish and French.


Oil and gas distributor

Lingo24 has worked with this client – one of the world’s largest oil and gas distributors - since 2006, translating 100,000 words in German, Spanish, French and English.

We’ve translated a broad variety of manuals, expert reports, terminology glossaries, legal and technical documents.

They kindly expressed their appreciation of our service, saying, "Your translation service is professional in terms of both copy and technical detail."