Translation Memory & Terminology Management

A translation memory is a database that stores segments of text that have previously been translated. Terminology Management involves compiling and updating your key terms in a TermBank or translation glossary. Effective use of these tools minimises costs and saves time, as “memorised” phrases do not need to be translated again.

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Reduced costs for repeated and very similar content

Increased efficiency and faster translation turnaround times

Improved consistency and accuracy of your terms

Your language assets updated and aligned with your preferences

Let's talk about Translation Memory

We'll review your existing Translation Memory, glossary, term banks and more - if you have them.

We'll import these assets into our platform, or start creating them for you.

We'll make sure your terms are used accurately throughout every translation, saving money on repetitions and improving overall consistency.

We'll update your assets after every project with your approved terms, to make future translations faster and more accurate.

Translation Memory Management

Expand your translation memory to assist future projects. Save time and money by not having to translate words already in your translation memory.

What’s involved:

  • Aligning your previously translated texts 
  • Importing approved translation memories
  • Changing “issource” settings or swapping source and target languages
  • Importing other approved material
  • Changing name/language combinations

Translation Memory Consultancy

Create an optimised and tailored translation memory strategy and improve overall translation productivity.

What’s involved:

  • Identifying all options of expanding translation memories
  • Identifying use of translation memory for terminology extraction
  • Using “issource” or making translation memories available in reverse
  • Using authoring tools to optimise source text

Translation Memory Maintenance

Approve preferential changes to your translation memories.

Achieve consistency and accuracy for your preferred translations by approving what we save.

What’s involved:

  •  Updating your translation memory after every project
  •  Capturing preferential translation units from your reviewers


Speak to us about refining and maintaining your translation memories.

Terminology Management

Compile your key terms in a TermBank or translation glossary to ensure your company-specific terminology is used accurately and correctly.

What’s involved:

  •  Importing your existing translation glossaries
  •  Managing your list of terms and their equivalents
  •  Researching relevant terms to be added
  •  Updating your TermBank out with specific translation projects
  •  Using our bespoke TermFinder technology in Coach to build a TermBank from scratch 
Let's talk about Terminology Management

We offer a 30% discount on the "per word" rate for repetitions within a project.

Matches relate to items in your Translation Memory (TM). For every new translation project we undertake your TM will offer matches: terms that have been translated previously that also appear in your latest translation project.

An In-Context Exact (ICE) match is a piece of text which has been translated in a previous project and appears again in the current project, in exactly the same context (the segments before and after it are the same as in the previous project).

A 100% leveraged match is a piece of text that is an exact match to what has been translated previously, but in a different context. 

Fuzzy matches are partial matches (from 75% up to 99%) to previously translated text.

Repetitions refer to pieces of the source text which are repeated throughout the document.