Post-edited Machine Translation (PEMT)

Recommended for:

  • Enterprise and B2B: high volume internal communications, inbound queries and notifications, basic user manuals, other non-business-critical documentation

  • Marketing: forum posts, content for a general audience, user-generated content (UGC)

  • E-commerce: as part of a blended approach to catalogue translation, online help and customer support

All language

combinations available

Up to 8,000 words

per business day



Order post-edited machine translation

Machine translation with a human touch

For high-volume translation projects that need to be fast and cheap, yet with a higher level of accuracy than using raw MT output, our post-edited MT service is for you. We can either carry out a light review to correct glaring errors, or take a more thorough approach to give comparable results to human translation.

  • Low cost, quick results when compared to human translation
  • Greater accuracy than Machine Translation output alone
  • Your terminology list and translation memory assets applied

Send us the content that needs to be translated, your language combinations and we’ll help you establish the best service for your needs.

We’ll send you a quote for the agreed service level, and we won’t start working on the translation until we receive approval from you.

We’ll run your content through the relevant machine translation engine, before passing it onto a native, professional linguist to carry out the agreed level of editing.

We’ll return your content in the format you sent it to us in, checked and ready to go.

Post-editing options

Combine machine translation with human post-editing for a higher quality result

Light post editing (PEMT)

Improvement of MT output by an approved native speaker to ensure all words are translated correctly, but without improving the syntax or writing style. Great for simple manuals and reference material.

Fluency: Good
Faithfulness to source: Mostly
Quality: Comprehensible and accurate, but not stylistically compelling. Edit offensive and culturally unacceptable content

Full post editing (PEMT)

Improvement of MT output by an approved native professional translator with an appropriate match of subject matter experience. The translation will be fit for purpose on a terminological, stylistic and grammatical level. Great for detailed manuals or popular web pages. Full PEMT can be comparable to professional translation.

Fluency: Flawless
Faithfulness to source: Everything
Quality: Comprehensible, accurate and stylistically correct, although not as fluent as human translation.

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