Machine translation Professional translation

Level 2: Low cost translation

Recommended for

  • Enterprise and B2B: high volume internal communications and documents, inbound queries and notifications, other non-business-critical documentation

  • E-commerce: as part of a blended approach to catalogue translation

  • Marketing and market research: User-generated content (UGC), content for a general audience, wikis, survey responses, forum posts

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Delivery speeds

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Order low cost translation

High-volume, low cost solution

From high-volume human translation to post-edited machine translation services, we configure our flexible Low Cost Translation solution to meet your specific cost, speed and quality requirements.

  • Low cost, quick results with post-edited machine translation
  • Added human sensitivity with our Basic and First Draft translation options
  • Your terminology list and translation memory assets applied

Low cost translation options

We provide three low-cost translation options to help you get the translation you need at the speed and price that’s right for you.

Post-edited Machine Translation

Combining Machine Translation output with human translators

Basic Translation

Translation by non-professional native speakers

First Draft Translation

Translation by a professional, with no additional editing