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Market Research Translation

We’ve translated 12.5 million words for 60 market research companies since 2006.

We’ve translated everything from online and offline questionnaires to coding, questionnaire responses, recruitment questionnaires, discussion guides and briefing notes, stimulus materials (showcards, concept boards, product descriptions), transcripts of group discussions and IDIs; research reports (Word and PowerPoint), brand name checking/ linguistic evaluation and semiotic checks.

Therefore we understand your needs very well. With every client we establish a preferred workflow to accommodate the whole process from quote to order to file format to delivery. We understand the need for quick turnaround times, flexibility in planning and meticulous quality so you get the most accurate data.

We have 400 translators who specialise in market research translation services and on various subject matters such as Healthcare, Finance, F&B and many others to ensure the best translation possible. Furthermore we have over 800 translators who specialise in producing creative market research collateral across all language combinations.

Case studies

Global market research and surveying company

Since 2006, Lingo24 has completed 562 projects for this global market research and surveying company, translating over four million words across 96 different language combinations. Lingo24 has served 84 different contacts within the company across nine different countries.

Lingo24 has created a global team with account managers, project managers and dedicated translators to offer service 24/7.

The majority of our work with this company has been the translation of questionnaires, and the translation and/or coding of verbatim. We also manage requests for short translations in up to 10 languages, which are normally just single questions and their corresponding options, with turnaround times within an hour.


Internet-based market research company

Lingo24 has worked with this internet-based market research company since October 2006 and have translated 1.5 million words for them covering 18 languages, including English into French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Spanish (Latin American dialects) and Canadian French.

Similar to our other Market Research industry clients, we translate large numbers of questionnaires, and carry out online quality checks to ensure no texts/phrases are affected when the questionnaires are put online.

Having 24-hour coverage is particularly important for this client, as we work with both their North American and European offices, which requires round-the-clock support.

So whether it is the translation of an online survey, marketing material or open end coding; whether you prefer Word or Excel or files coming from SPSS Dimensions, Confirmit, Nebu, ASKIA or any other survey platform Lingo24 is your best choice.