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Top quality translations, every time

How to ensure the highest translation quality

At Lingo24, we’re committed to producing fluent, accurate translations that meet all your requirements. We always take time to fully understand each client’s needs and expectations, and select the best-qualified translators for each subject.

There are also a few simple steps you can take to ensure the highest translation quality every time. These range from choosing the right service level to supplying documents in a translation-friendly format.


Briefing and Reference Materials

We always encourage our clients to give us as much information about their preferred style, terminology, and any other guidelines at the start of a project. This helps our translators fully understand your requirements.

We’ll ask you to fill in a brief, and provide reference materials, if available. These could be previous translations, glossaries of preferred terms, or style guides.


Source file formats

Our translation technology can handle almost any file format. But for best results, we recommend avoiding uneditable file formats, such as PDFs, JPEGs or scans.


Tight deadlines

Lingo24 can deal with urgent projects and tight deadlines by splitting the source files among more translators or allocating more working hours per day to our translators. However, this can create a greater risk of issues with consistency, terminology and style.


Client reviews

If you have an in-house review process, then please give us as many details as possible. We’re always happy to take on board any suggestions made by you or your reviewers on our translations. If your reviewers decide to make changes (perhaps to fit company-specific guidelines), then we advise sending the revised translation back so our linguists can give it a final check.


Your feedback

Our top priority is providing high quality translations, and we welcome any feedback to help us continually improve our standards.

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