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Top quality translations, every time

How to ensure the highest translation quality

At Lingo24, we’re committed to producing fluent, accurate translations that meet all your requirements. We always take time to fully understand clients’ needs and expectations, and select the best-qualified translators for each subject.

There are also a few simple steps you can take to ensure the highest translation quality every time. These range from choosing the right service level to supplying documents in a translation-friendly format. We’re very happy to follow your chosen style guide, or to see examples of previous translations.

Please watch our short video guide to ensuring the best quality translations. And if you’ve got any questions, do get in touch!


How can I ensure the quality of my translations?

Whether you are already a client of Lingo24 or are considering placing an order with us, translation quality is probably one of your main priorities. That's great. And if you're wondering what you can do to make sure you receive the highest quality translation, then that's even better.

This video is for you and will explain few simple steps you could take to help us deliver.

At Lingo24, we designed services
according to every possible need. All you need to do is let our account managers fully explain them to you. Take your time and make sure you choose the service levels that is right for your projects.

Provide reliable source files in a translation friendly format. These formats enable easy manipulation of the text by the translator and the proof readers. As opposed to pdf documents for example which can create a range of formatting issues. The source file must contain the file version of the text to be transalated. Any changes to the source file after the translation process is started could affect the accuracy and consistency of the translations as well as the turn around times.

Are you in a hurry? Then you're in the right place. Because Lingo24 is one of the fastest translation companies. Even though quality translation takes time, our standard turnaround time is some of the fastest around. And if that's not fast enough, we can always split any project accross multiple translators in order to reduce the turnaround time further.

We have designed briefs for our services. Each of these are simple and quick to fill in. This information is critical to understanding your translation requirements. This includes target and purpose, industry, subject, market, audience and media. What to translate and what not to. Pre-translation consultation is the best way to differentiate between what we should and shouldn't translate.

The delivery files, what type of files you want back from us and reference material which gives us clear guidelines on the desired style of your translation. This can include style handbooks or guidelines, glossaries and preferred terminology, especially if company specific, TM's, Translation Memory versions, links to relevant websites.

Previous translations which you are happy with, TM Alignment would be an option in this case. Previous translations which you're not happy with and why? If possible please deliver all instructions in one go. Feedback comes in many shapes. Do you have your own reviewers? If so, tell us and we will include them in the translation process right from the start.

You can ask for an additional review stage for most of our translation services. Evaluate in advance samples of translation. We can send you advance samples to review when 10 percent to 20 percent of the translation has been completed. Please be open to questions or queries. In some cases our translators may have questions regarding the source files and guidelines.

So remember, to ensure the quality of your translations:
  • choose the right service,
  • use translation friendly formats,
  • know your preferred in turnaround times,
  • fill up the brief and provide references
  • and provide us with feedback to receive great quality translations that meet the highest standards.


Risk Disclaimers

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, and our ability to produce high quality translations to extremely tight deadlines. But for best results, we recommend avoiding certain file formats, and providing clear instructions and reference materials, if available.

The following circumstances can affect our ability to guarantee the highest translation quality.

Uneditable Source Files (PDFs, JPEGs, Scans)- Risks

Lingo24 can translate from uneditable source formats such as PDFs, jpegs or scanned files by converting these files to an editable format. However there are some risks and disadvantages involved.

  1. Lingo24 will not be able to offer any discounts on repetitions due to the faulty segmentation of converted files. This also means we are unable to offer any Translation Memory matches.
  2. Lingo24 will not be able to guarantee an exact mirroring of the original layout. The final work may have a slight reduction in quality, e.g pictures may be in a lower resolution, the structure of the text may differ, and tables will not be identical to the original ones. If an exact mirroring of the source document is required, Lingo24 recommends supplying the original source files.
  3. The project’s turnaround time may be affected by formatting issues.
  4. For scanned files, Lingo24 cannot guarantee that the target file will faithfully match the format of the source. We might only be able to deliver a text-only version. For a closer match of the source format, additional formatting costs will be applied.
  5. Should there be complaints or concerns regarding the formatting where no editable source files were provided, Lingo24 will rework the formatting according to the client’s feedback. An additional cost for formatting will apply.

Tight Deadlines

Lingo24 can deal with urgent projects and tight deadlines by splitting the source files among more translators or allocating more working hours per day to our translators. However, there can be some risks and disadvantages associated with this.

  1. Splitting the translation among several translators can create a greater risk of issues with consistency, terminology, style, even when a single proofreader is used. Lingo24 is not able to guarantee the quality and the completeness of the final translations.
  2. Lingo24 may not be able to allocate time for pre-delivery quality checks by our Project Managers.
  3. Should there be complaints or concerns regarding the quality of the translation, Lingo24 will rework the translation according to the client’s feedback, but is unable to offer a refund or discount.

Lack of Briefing and Reference

Lingo24 recommends clients fill in a brief, and provide reference materials, if available. We can translate files without any briefing from the client, but there are some risks involved.

  1. Lingo24 will not be able to guarantee that the translation style will fit the target audience/market.
  2. Lingo24 will not be able to identify which terms /parts should or shouldn’t be translated.
  3. Lingo24 may not be able to assess correctly how to deal with specialised company terminology, e.g. acronyms, currencies, company names.
  4. Lingo24 may not be able to use the correct tone or style, e.g. formal or informal.
  5. Lingo24 will not be able to guarantee that the translation will be delivered in the desired format (especially if there are special formatting requirements)
  6. Lingo24 will not be able to ensure consistency with your previous translations without reference files, e.g. previous translations, TMs, glossaries, style guides.
  7. Should there be complaints or concerns regarding the style, terminology or consistency of the translation with previous translations, Lingo24 will rework the translation according to the client’s feedback. Refunds and discounts will not be offered in these cases.

Lack of Client Review

Lingo24 recommends that the client provides us with as many details as possible regarding their review process. If no review process, and no style or terminology instructions are available, the client will need to rely on Lingo24’s choice of experienced translators. They will decide on the style and terminology according to the context.

  1. Lingo24 will not be able to guarantee that the quality of the translation will meet the client’s expectations without the client clarifying queries/question from our teams.
  2. Should there be complaints or concerns regarding the style and terminology, Lingo24 will rework the translation according to the client’s feedback. However no refund or discount will be offered.
  3. Without any feedback from the client on the translation’s quality, Lingo24 will assume that the translation has been fully accepted, and approve the translation memory (TM) in XTM. This means that the same style and terminology will be used for future jobs.

See all our Terms and Conditions here.